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Cumming’s Spartan Cortado

By | January 29, 2017

Normally, I write my reviews in a long and self-indulgent manner, but the typical process is insufficient for today’s post. When I sampled the new Spartan Cortado at Cumming’s Coffee and Candy, I knew immediately that prose could not accurately express my feelings. No, something this good necessitates a poetic flow somewhere between a haiku and… Read More »

Dunkin Donuts Americano Review

By | January 5, 2017

What a golden age we live in. It’s a time where we no longer have to feel slighted by those left-wing, coastal elitists who think they know everything. We heartland of America folks can feel free to speak without thinking, deny things that are obviously true, and tweet as we wish with no regard for… Read More »

Subway Autumn Carved Turkey Review

By | October 11, 2016

Lately, Subway hasn’t been my first choice. Despite the sandwich shop’s efforts to move towards a cleaner, less chemically-driven menu, they can’t lure me into the store. The breads are outdated. The veggies sometimes look like yesterday’s discards, and the new additions have been subtractions for me. Unluckily for me, my workplace-adjacent Sheetz has been… Read More »

Wendy’s New Grilled Chicken Sandwich Reviewed

By | September 20, 2016

I almost always get the Son of the Baconator meal when I stop at Wendy’s for a quick bite, but today I changed it up. That’s right, I put my OCD on hold and gave the new grilled chicken sandwich meal a taste. One word comes to mind when trying to describe this sandwich, and that word is “fresh.” Surprisingly,… Read More »

I Like My Coffee Like My Men; Tall, Dark And Handsome

By | September 15, 2016

Look, I know what you’re thinking, “Hasn’t this wanna-be blogger talked about his wife and kid, and now he’s talking about the kind of men he likes?” It’s true, all of it, but it’s hard not to think of men whenever the coffee I’m drinking is called Joe Coffee and the brew is “Tall, Dark… Read More »