Secret Wars #3


We are three issues into Marvel’s big, summer blockbuster event called Secret Wars and, so far, the series has lived up to the hype. Writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Esad Ribic are nailing it. Hickman tweeted at Consume.Review.Repeat. (@consumereview) that the following video motivated him to write the best comic book series humanly possible:

Interestingly, Ribic sent a private Facebook message to Consume.Review.Repeat. ( indicating that he vowed to draw the heck out of the series after seeing this motivational video:

Ok, so we didn’t get any tweets or private messages from the aforementioned creators, but not for lack of trying. Who can blame these guys for not answering us they’re busy creating something epic.

Ribic draws the hell out of this issue. It’s probably his best work to date on the series. Ribic’s art goes perfectly with Hickman’s Game of Thrones-esque Marvel universe – like bacon on grilled cheese. Mmmmm bacon.

Where was I, oh yeah, Secret Wars #3. Hickman continues to steadily build upon the story with each issue. So far, none of the issues have come across as fluff – each one adds to the importance of the story. This could be attributed to the series being eight issues rather than more, as well as, the fact that Hickman is a competent storyteller. Whatever the case – I didn’t expect Secret Wars to be this good. If you’ve read any of the previous installations (Secret Wars 1984 review, Secret Wars II review) you’ll know what I mean.

In this issue, the suspense builds as we discover that Sheriff Strange has been keeping the life craft used by Mr. Fantastic and others from the 616 universe in a status of hibernation for three years. Mr. Fantastic, as you can expect, is not pleased to learn this upon his release, but he is infuriated by the fact that Dr. Doom is now a god. I wonder what Mr. Fantastic is going to do when he learns that Susan Storm and the fantastic kids work for God Doom.

Of interest is that Miles Morales, the Spiderman of 1610 universe, emerges from the life craft that was used by the Cabal and remembers what happened before the creation of Battleworld. Miles’ recollection of past events concerns Sheriff Strange because it challenges the belief that nothing existed before Battleworld – a belief that Sheriff Strange is in charge of maintaining.


With Miles, the inhabitants of the 616 life craft, and the Cabal now a part of Battleworld it’s going to be interesting to see how God Doom, Sheriff Strange, and Susan Storm handle the situation to preserve the belief that nothing existed before Battleworld. Consume. Review. Repeat. gives Secret Wars issue #3 an 8 out of 10 DOOOOOO ITTTTTTTT.

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