Star Wars #2


Hiiiiss! Whooosh! Crashhh! That’s the sound of Luke Skywalker battling it out with Darth Vader. That’s right Jedis, writer Jason Aaron wastes no time in having the big two duke it out. Although it seemed a bit premature to see these two going at it so early in the series, Aaron wrote an honest confrontation. Luke wasn’t using the force to do six backflips in mid-air before striking at Vader, or use a Jedi mind trick on the Vadermister. Instead, Vader put the beat down on old farm boy, and just as he was about to strike the killing blow – BOOM – Han and Leia come busting through a wall like the Kool-Aid guy in an AT-AT. And yet again, Han saves Luke’s butt.

Not too many surprises in this issue, and how could there be. When you’re having Luke and the gang squaring off against Vader not much can be done. It’s not like anything major can happen because the issue takes place between Episode IV and V. We know that everything is going to turn out all right – those of us who have seen Episodes IV-VI. Unfortunately, that’s the pit fall of writing major characters battling it out in a well-known property.

In this issue, there was a lot of fighting with little substance. At times, Vader’s use of the force gets to be a bit over-the-top. Let’s see, after Vader used the force to steal Luke’s saber, he uses it to prevent Han from stepping on him with the AT-AT, force-throws Luke’s saber through someone Luke is trying to save, twisted a Storm Trooper’s head around, and levitated his helmet up off the ground. We get it already – Vader can use the force to do cool things that he never did in the movies.

The issue ends without any resolution and Luke and company are still running around Cymoon 1 while being chased by Vader. One cool aspect of the issue is that Vader appears to recognize the saber Luke is using. He recognizes it because it was his at one point in time as indicated in Episode IV.

I’m still struggling with liking the art and I don’t think I’m the only one. In fact, Marvel announced that after issue #6 Cassaday wouldn’t be doing the art any longer.

As I said earlier, this issue didn’t have much to it. There was a lot of action sprinkled with some humor, but not much else. It wasn’t a bad issue, but it wasn’t as good as the last issue. Consume. Review. Repeat. gives Star Wars #2 (Vol. 2) seven out of ten, “Punch it, Chewie!”

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