A Pittsburgher in Naples

cp If you say, “Go to Naples” in Italian you will likely receive a strong reaction from your audience. To my ears, va’ fa Napoli will never mean “Go to hell,” “Go f yourself” or any other vulgarly, offensive terms that Urban Dictionary would have you believe.

For the past five years, my family of four has been cruising Fifth Avenue South, rolling through Thursdays on Third and hitting up the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens. We do the sand. We do the surf and we do lazy river adventures poolside. These features bring us to Naples, but the siren song of the Gulf Coast cuisine that has us coming back year after year.

Cereal for breakfast. PB&J for lunch. Only to save room for snacks, treats, desserts and fantastic meals al fresco or on a sandy, barrowed hotel towel. Peruse this section to learn more about the must have food in and around Naples. Even if you have not been, allow your stomach to live vicariously through me. Enjoy.

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