C.A.O. Cherry Bomb


From time to time, I like a good infused cigar. I have my go tos, but I like to shop around and see what other flavorful sticks are out there. I came across the C.A.O. “Favours” line and selected the Cherry Bomb. The name of the cigar triggered me singing The Runaways’ song Cherry Bomb as I lit it up.

Right from the start, I tasted a hint of cherry and vanilla. The flavor was sweet, not tangy. I found the flavor to be pleasant and not at all medicine-y. To my surprise, the aroma was pleasing leaving note of cherry in the air.

The strength of the cigar was mild and mellow. The cigar comes as a Corona sizing in at 5.1 x 42. The cigar was packaged nicely and felt solid. The wrapper is a Cameroon and it’s filled with Dominican tobacco.

I discovered the burn to be very thin and even – a sign of a well made cigar. I got a nice long ash before it fell off on its own. From start to finish, the flavor was there remaining subtle the entire time. I got about a smooth, hour smoke out of it.

At some point, it would be nice to see the Bomb at a bigger ring gauge. I did get cottonmouth during my smoke, which doesn’t happen too often. I chalk the cottonmouth up to me not having a drink available.

I’m definitely going to give the Cherry Bomb another shot. Consume. Review. Repeat. gives the C.A.O. Cherry Bomb a 7.5 out of 10 mellow notes.

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