Nub Cameroon Rothschild


My love of cigars started about five years ago. I was on my honeymoon in Aruba and my wife and I decided to go to the market to do some shopping. I came across a small smoke shop no bigger than a backyard shed. When I entered the shop, the sweet smell of cedar, tobacco, and other mellow aromas triggered something in me. Immediately, I was at ease, relaxed, and without a care. Every time I’ve entered a humidor since then, those same feelings wash over me.

Even though I’ve been puffing for about five years, and do my research, picking out a cigar is still, a bit, overwhelming. I have my favorites, but I like to experiment and see what’s out there – you know, broaden my cigar horizons.

Yesterday my eyes came across a unique-looking cigar called a Nub. It was the Nub Cameroon that caught my eye. It’s golden brown-looking wrapper held tight with a white, navy, and gold wrapper appealed to me. The wrapper, which is thin and toothy, is grown in Cameroon, Africa; hence, the cigar’s name. The cigar measures about 4″ long and has a massive 60 ring gauge – short and fat never looked so good.

Not only does it look good, it feels good too. The cigar felt balanced, well constructed, and thick. Unlit, the cigar smelled strong of tobacco and pepper.

The Nub is the invention of Olivia. It was crafted to be a cigar that, in its entirety, is the “sweet spot.” Most cigars have a point at which you hit the sweet spot, but in the case of the Nub, the entire cigar is the sweet spot. I noticed right off the bat that the taste of the cigar was there from first light – making me a believer that entire cigar is the sweet spot.


The draw of this cigar is excellent and it burns evenly. The taste is mild to medium. At the beginning, I tasted cedar with earthy undertones. As I continued to draw on it, a hint of coffee and spices was tasted.



The ash on this thing was reeeeediculous. I didn’t get any ill side effects like cottonmouth or an unpleasant aftertaste. The stick was smooth from beginning to end. My only complaint is that it burned a bit too quick clocking slightly under an hour. I didn’t want it to end taking hits from it until my fingers burned.


Consume. Review. Repeat. gives the Nub Cameroon Rothschild a 9 out of 10 long ashes.

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    Awesome your review.. I’m Venezuelan living in unites slaves, west coast, Oregon and I mess so much this kind of stuff.. oooh boy..


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