The Punch Champion Cigar


This weekend was a long one. My two year-old spent most of his time sitting in his car seat, and when that happens, nothing good comes from it. Somehow, someway, gamma radiation seeks out my son while he’s in his car seat transforming him from a kind-hearted soul to a rampaging hulk. My wife and I tried to console his anger with some fries from Five Guys, but instead of eating them, he decided to paint my wife with ketchup using the fries as his brush. Friends, we have entered the terrible twos.

Eventually we were able to console him when we got home with a “bubba” – his word for a bottle of milk (What? This is not your son. Yes, he still gets a bottle). As he peacefully drifted off to sleep…wait I have to stop the story because while I was writing this he ended up breaking a piece of carrot off in his nose, and my wife and I had to dig it out. Now you know what we are dealing with. Where was I, oh right, as he peacefully drifted off to sleep I snuck out to the back porch to light up my newly purchased cigar – a Punch Champion for $5.25.

Like I said, it’s been a long weekend and I’ve found that a nice cigar calms me down – it’s my “bubba.” I have been smoking cigars for about four years, but only during the summer months; therefore, I’m by no means a cigar expert. My taste in cigars varies and I like to try new ones to see what’s out there. Right now my go to is the Acid Blue Kuba Kuba by Drew Estate (I’ll be doing a review of that soon).


The Punch Champion is a well wrapped cigar that doesn’t come undone while smoking it. I like that the cigar has a double band that helps keep the wrap nice and tight. Nothing is worse than your cigar falling apart as you try to enjoy it. Also pleasing is that the outer leaf is somewhat thick allowing the cigar to endure as it is handled over the length of the smoke.

I didn’t pick too many flavors up while smoking the Champion because it is a mild cigar. The taste was never bitter and the smell was never burnt. I was able to get a long two and a half inch ash before having to ash it. By the end, I was a little light-headed after working on it for a good hour or so.

My only complaint is that the feel of the cigar felt off to me. It’s definitely an unbalanced cigar by the way it is wrapped. The foot of the cigar is packed with more toe-back-ee than towards the cap and therefore the cigar wants to dip away from you when you hold it. Other than that, I found the Punch Champion to be an enjoyable mild cigar. Consume. Review. Repeat. gives the Punch Champion an eight out of ten long ashes.

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