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Are Marvel & DC Becoming Comic Book Side Dishes?

By | February 12, 2016

Within the last year or so a lot of food analogies have been used to describe what’s going on in the comic book world. Pizzas smashing together was the analogy used to explain Marvel’s 2015 summer event called Secret Wars. DC’s new direction for 2016 is being described as a meat and potatoes approach to… Read More »

Crisis on Infinite Earths Issue #1

By | June 2, 2015

It’s been years since I read Crisis on Infinite Earths (hereafter Crisis) so I thought I’d revisit it after the way Convergence ended. Crisis is credited as the first mini-series event that resulted in a line wide change to a publisher, in this case, DC comics. Since Crisis, DC and other publishers have tried to… Read More »

Flame on, Iceman!

By | April 25, 2015

I’m not going to choose my words carefully, so if this offends you, use your superpower of free will to stop reading. This week, in All-New X-Men issue #40, Bobby “Iceman” Drake was revealed to be gay – cue Internet outrage – cue George Takei waving the issue like a rainbow flag – cue…my skepticism.… Read More »

Convergence #1

By | April 9, 2015

I am not a DC fan-boy. I am not a Marvel fan-boy. I am not an Image fan-boy. I am not (insert comic company) fan-boy. I am a fan of comics – good comics. Keep that in mind as you read this review. I did not give Convergence #0 a glowing review for several reasons. One… Read More »

Convergence #0

By | April 2, 2015

I haven’t been reading much of what DC has been publishing lately, but I thought I’d give Convergence a try. Convergence is DC’s main event for summer of 2015, much like Secret Wars is for Marvel. As I was reading Convergence #0, I couldn’t help but notice some similarities between Convergence and Secret Wars. That… Read More »

Secret Wars II (1985)

By | March 5, 2015

Marvel is releasing one of their biggest events in May of 2015, All-New Secret Wars. In an attempt to get ready for this cataclysmic event, I read Secret Wars One and Two. Although my review of Secret Wars One (that can be read here) was not a glowing review, and I had my doubts about the… Read More »

Secret Wars (1984)

By | March 1, 2015

In anticipation of Marvel’s summer blockbuster event, Secret Wars, during which the Marvel 616 Universe and the Ultimate Universe are to be merged creating an All-New Marvel Universe; I read the two Secret Wars mini-series that came before, Secret Wars One and Two. I did this to have an understanding of what inspired the creation… Read More »