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Call me crazy, but music makes me happy. The more music I get, the happier I am generally. Not only do I like music, but even more, I like my music to be delivered to my canals through the simplest, least encumbered systems possible. Before I continue, I should mention that my wife does not share the same lustful views that I do with music. She listens to the radio in the car or a nice CD every now and then … Sorry, I can’t continue. Radio??? CDs in the car??? Who does lady think she is?

This is music we’re talking about. The lifeblood and driving force for every bit of positivity and creativity in my life. More music is always better than less music. Luckily, my kids love rocking out to “dad music” and rarely think that enough is enough.

So when the wife has had her fill of music for the evening, I turn to headphones. I detest ear buds. Rather, I think they detest me. I have never had luck with a proper fit. If walking is jarring enough to dislodge the bud, it is no bud to me. My standby was a Sony sport headphone with minimal ear penetration and a clip that wrapped around the ear. Cheap, convenient and doesn’t fall out fit the bill for a solid period of time. And then a problem occurred.

If you’re reading closely, you may gather who caused the problem. Yes. My lovely wife thought she would borrow my headphones for her own music listening. Drake on the treadmill somehow combines two things I have little interest in. What happened next is a bit graphic so be patient with me.

The volume of the right headphone was significantly reduced the next time I plugged in. The reason? Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait … Earwax! Yes. Yellowish brown. Grossness personified. Earwax. I needed a new pair.


Shopping around and reading reviews as any 21st century responsible consumer would do brought me to the ME Electronics Air Fi Runaway headphones. Since it was the 21st century, I decided that bluetooth needed to be my step. After all, I can’t let wires stand between me and … well, anything, I guess. Ordered from Amazon with prime and a $50 birthday gift card from my brother, they got me for about $13 out of pocket and arrived in the guaranteed two days.

I open the box to find headphones.   Standard black, glossy headphones. There is no bright pink color, and for some reason, the manufacturer failed to include the standard “b” that adorns everyone’s headphones. I charged them with the novel cord that was USB on one end and a standard headphone jack on the other. I’m no engineer, but that is a pretty slick innovation that reduces the need for multiple ports. In fact, the Air Fi’s only have the one port that doubles to give you a wired connect and three rocker buttons that accomplish six functioning including power/ pairing, answering calls, track back, track forward, volume up and volume down. Super easy and natural to learn.


The sound is amazing for Bluetooth standards, but you have to know what you are getting into. Compressed music delivered via Bluetooth sounds worse. It just does, but the Air Fi’s manage to yield a full, wide range that pleases my ears.

The sound is a huge pro, it is not the best feature. That is reserved for the battery. My headphones were delivered on February 24th. As of writing this, five weeks later, I have charged the phones once. Yeah, once on the day that they arrived. I have listened for at least 15 hours since then, but when I push the power button and wait the four seconds for pairing to complete, a pleasant voice informs me, “Device one connected. Battery high.” Battery high? To me, this feat is an insane accomplishment. I don’t know stats on other earcans, but this has to be at the top end of the performance standards.

With the price, style, sound and battery life, there is no reason that your next pair of headphones shouldn’t be ME Electronics Air Fi Runaways. Choosing anything else is like choosing Drake on a treadmill. Is that what you want?

Consume.Review.Repeat. rates the Air Fi Runaways at 9.7 Canadian Hip Hop/ child actors out of 10.

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