Tough Mudder Pittsburgh – All Stars 2015

Version 2You already know that Tough Mudder is probably the toughest event on the planet. You know that it challenges your physical toughness and rips apart your mental grit. What you may not know is that the biggest challenge (you might call it the most challenging challenge) is the lack of tech suitable for a tough mudder course.

You’re not taking your iPhone on the King of Swingers. And you’re not wearing bluetooth headphones or even tricked out running sunglasses crawling through Cry Baby. Tough Mudder is about you and the mud.

But a true tech-head like yours truly always manages to sneak a piece or two in. In this case, two.

All-star number 2:

The Pebble smartwatch was a game-time decision to wear, and wear it I did. Though Mud Mile and back again. the watch came in handy to track my own pace over the 10.3 miles. I noticed that many other mudders appreciated my time-keeping abilities on the course as well.

All-star number 1:

To the untrained, my Under Armour trail runners might seem like another pair of shoes that are indistinguishable from the street shoes worn by those in my dust (well, the course was pretty wet, so not mud but … like liquid dust – mud splatters). The UA Pulse II Grit lived up to and surpassed every expectation I had building up to my second tough mudder. Anyone looking for the right pair should stop looking and pick up these bad boys.

Remember, tech will always find prevail over the un-tech because the un-tech is stupid. See Spaceballs for the reference. Although, if you were into tech, you would’ve gotten it already.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives these two Tough Mudder All-Stars 9.7 free Shock Tops out of 10. I’ll drink to that.

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