Kung Fury


BOOM! Mic drop. Hollywood take note because this is what your 20-30+ year-old audience is looking for. Sure, it’s not going to win an Oscar, but it’s going to sell tickets, lots and lots of tickets.

Immediately, this trailer took me back to the days of playing Double Dragon on my NES (after blowing in the cartridge excessively), watching a VCR TV recording of Back to the Future, and throwing Lawn Darts at my brother. Seriously, there is so much 80s gold packed into this two minute and twenty second trailer that you can’t watch it just once.

So far 17,713 backers have supported the making of this Kickstarter project. If that’s not impressive enough, the project goal of $200,000.00 was met and greatly exceeded. Currently, the project has received $630,019.00 in funding. Those attached to the project are hoping to raise 1 million so that the movie can have a theatrical release. That’s super rad and like totally awesome!

According to the Kickstarter page for the project, the creator of Kung Fury is David Sandberg, a 28 year-old Director living in Umeå, Sweden. Not only did he direct Kung Fury but he plays the main protagonist. He plays the stereotypical 80s cop perfectly as he says things like, “I’m a cop, from the future.”

Did I mention that Thor, dinosaurs, and nazis getting their butts kicked are in this movie? Seriously, I can’t stop watching this trailer. What are you waiting for already, watch the trailer.

I give this trailer ten out of ten Van Damme kicks to the face.

The official movie web page is http://kungfury.vhx.tv

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