Daredevil Netflix Show

A couple days ago, the trailer for Daredevil dropped and it was good – real, good. You better believe that when it hits Netflix on April 10th I’m going to be binging on it like the Kingpin does Twinkies.

The show makes no apologies for being grounded in the source material. Gone is the red leather suit, unrealistic fight scenes on seesaws, and campy villains. To be clear: this isn’t going to be anything like the Daredevil movie – which is a good thing.

From what I could tell, the show is going to follow the Daredevil mythos that Frank Miller established when he wrote The Man Without Fear – one of my favorite Daredevil comics. We are going to see Matt Murdock being trained by Stick, Matt donning his black Daredevil costume (the one before the red one), and the relationship between Matt and Karen Page develop. Things that should have been in the first movie but weren’t. To be fair, it’s difficult to pack a lot of story into a movie, and that’s why I think Daredevil will be perfect for “TV.”

Although this trailer was good and got me excited to see the show. One of my favorite Daredevil trailers is the sizzle reel put together by Director Joe Carnahan. Carnahan tried to convince Hollywood in 2012 that he was the Director that could reboot the Daredevil movie franchise. Unfortunately, the Hollywood big wigs passed on it – stupid Hollywood big wigs. Watch it below and tell what you think – should Hollywood have passed on this?

Consume. Review. Repeat. gives the Daredevil TV show trailer a seven out of ten toxic barrels to the face.

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