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By | April 12, 2015


Episode three picks up in bowling alley as we see a new character harmlessly trying to roll a few games, but the lanes are closing.  He asks the only other bowler to join in, and ends up giving him a compound fracture of his right arm before smashing his head in with a bowling ball.  I wagered that the beating was due to the ridiculousness of the high tech wrist guard.  Turns out that I was wrong.  It was actually related to the seedy underworld of the NYC.  Undoubtedly, those Russians from the first two episodes are involved.  Damn it!  I thought Rocky IV taught the Russians to pull their crap together and move on.  No such luck.

The luck that we do have in this episode is expanding on the world of Daredevil and putting together the puzzle that makes up Hell’s Kitchen.  Wesley pays a visit to Matt and Foggy to put them on retainer for their legal services.  I don’t know if it is his super-squared glasses or perfectly folded pocket squares, but I don’t trust that guy.  Matt, aka Daredevil, aka human lie detector, knows that the killer from the aforementioned bowling homicide could likely lead Daredevil to the top of this crime syndicate.  If he can only follow the ticking of Wesley’s Cartier watch right to the big man’s board room.  Murdock works his courtroom magic to free the suspect only to have daredevil beat the ringleader’s name out of him.  The killer proceeds to impale himself on a random spike in the alley.  I did not see that coming.

Meanwhile, Karen is still dealing with the repercussions of getting framed for murder and nearly killed in jail – typical stuff.  She’s offered six month severance and turns it down?!?! Weird lady.  Instead, she takes her case to B. Urich, the old-school newspaperman, who is connected to mob through the city beat and dealing with his own issues of an ill wife in the hospital and insurance coverage that is set to run out.  Too bad the best nurse called off sick today.

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Matt Murdock gets the majority of the play in episode three as Daredevil does not present until minute 34.  What we do get is the name Wilson Fisk and our first glance of the yet-to-be-named Kingpin.  Portrayed as a neurotic, fastidious man with possible Howie Mandel level germophobia, Wilson Fisk makes his first appearance in an art gallery as he is admiring a hare in the snow.

A trend begins with episode four opening up with Claire patching up DD much as she did in episode two.  So far, the even episodes are beating out the odds.  Episode four should have been titled “Those Damn Russians” because all they do is mess stuff up.  Check below for two of the Russians in question.  They fashion prison shanks out of the ribs of a fallen comrade, they get a new taxi company, they beat the crap out of Claire’s Spanish-speaking friend, they kidnap Claire at her cat sitting job (kidnapping is kinda their thing), they get smashed by DD, ask for help from Fisk and then get their head smashed in an Escalade’s rear passage door.  What’d I tell ya?  Damn Russians.


Fisk knows what he is doing, of course.  He is coming off as calculating as he is insecure and emotionally fragile.  It will be interesting to see where his story goes and how his character’s psychology develops.  Much like the kingpin of my youth, the fat man is actually all muscle and capable of ripping someone to shreds with his bare hands.  Right now, daredevil is not his main concern, but with any luck, he soon will be.

Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix goes strong in episodes 3 and 4.  Consume.Review.Repeat. rates it 9 blackmailed jurors out of 10.

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