The Walking Dead #143 Review

By | June 26, 2015


For years now the Internet has been buzzing about who the main character of The Walking Dead really is. This issue seems to point in the direction of Carl holding that title. Carl has been there since issue #2. We’ve seen him grow up over the years and go from a helpless child to a deadly teen. He doesn’t have many, if any, memories of the normalcy of life prior to the outbreak. All Carl has really known is how to grow up (aka survive) in a world full of flesh eating zombies.

In this issue, Carl makes the profound statement that it’s the world around him that has shaped him into who he is, not his parents. He’s a product of society, more or less. In many ways, we as readers can symphonize with Carl because we too have gone through the growing process with him. In my opinion, the TWD is about how humanity evolves over time under abnormal circumstances. And who better to experience that through other than Carl.

At this point in the story, Rick is starting to become a secondary character as more of the spotlight is put on Carl. Maybe the big reveal in issue #150 will be the death of Rick because really what’s he have left to offer to the story. All Rick does anymore is run to the rescue, but as things have slowed down, Rick isn’t really needed anymore. For example, in this issue Rick makes it to the Whispers camp and tries to convince Carl to leave. Carl doesn’t want to be rescued though, and as far as we have seen, Carl isn’t in any immediate danger. In fact, Carl expresses that he is more comfortable with Lydia then with Rick or Andrea or anyone else. Carl wants to be accepted for who he is and who he has become and he doesn’t feel that Rick has accepted him like that. At this point, Carl is more attached to Lydia than anyone else. Ah, young eyehole licking love.

The issue closes out by Alpha taking Rick on top of a building to have him look out over a field of thousands of zombies, a horde of zombies if you will. Alpha shows this to Rick to shock him into believing her that her threats to wipe Rick and his people out are not bluff. I couldn’t tell if the zombies were actual zombies or the Whispers. I’m leaning to the belief that they were zombies that Alpha could somehow release towards to direction of Rick and his people.

Things are definitely getting good. Consume. Review. Repeat. gives The Walking Dead #143 a 8 out of 10 zombie hordes.

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