The Humidor Aruba Torpedo

By | July 6, 2015


Picture this: a small, wooden-looking humidor shop wedged between various glass-facade stores illuminated by neon lights. If you look quickly, you may miss the 5×7 humidor shop called The Humidor Aruba that fits no more than four people at a time. Take it from me, this small shop, holds a treasure that is a joy to smoke.

Mixed in with Romero & Juliets, Fuente Fuente OpisXs, and other brand names are the cigars that are exclusive to The Humidor Aruba. After carefully reviewing the shop’s selection, I decided to go with something that I couldn’t get anywhere else and therefore I selected the dark brown, tightly wrapped The Humidor Aruba torpedo. The cigars exclusive to the smoke shop are not named, just to let you know, so I’ll do my best to describe this gem.

The wrapper is an oily, dark brown wrapper that reminds me of a maduro. It’s tightly wrapped and mostly smooth to the touch. The band is a mute colored material wrapper that burns off as you smoke. I tried take the band off as my ash got close to it but couldn’t. I actually like the fact the the band burned off (without smell) and I didn’t have to worry about compromising the integrity of the cigar by messing with the idea of whether or not I should take the band off.

The cold draw felt tight, and for the most part, I tasted tobacco. When I lit it, I got a variety of favors: nuts, coffee, leather. Initially, those tastes were not there, but they slowly developed during my hour long smoke. The burn was a nice thin line and the ash was long. I got a good draw and a smooth smoke. A very tasty cigar worth the $9.00 price tag.

Located near the Paseo Herencia Shopping Center, in Palm Beach, Aruba you’ll find The Humidor Aruba. Without a doubt, the next time you’re in Aruba pick one up – you won’t be disappointed. Consume. Review. Repeat. gives this tasty stick a 10 out of 10 happy islands.

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