5 Vegas Gold Torpedo

By | July 26, 2015


5 Vegas Gold Torpedo punches your throat with boldness immediately after your first draw. By no means is this a mild cigar. It’s a beast of strength! A high-medium in strength if you ask me. Knowing that this was a semi-strong cigar but rated highly, I put on my big boy pants and gave it a light.

Although strong, I was able to enjoy the complexity of this stick. I got notes of barnyard hay, a creamy sweetness, a touch of nuts (specifically walnuts), and maybe a bit of graham cracker too. Like I said, it’s a complex stick.

The construction is good; measuring in at 6 X 54 I was able to get more than an hour or so smoke out of it. The wrapper is a light brown Ecuador Connecticut that is smooth to the touch. During my smoke, the wrapper held up well and the draw was easy. My only complaint about the construction is that about a inch and a half into the stick to about the midway point of the band, the stick felt spongy. If I learned anything over the years, you want a semi tightly wrapped cigar. In my opinion, this cigar was a bit under filled causing the wrapper not to burn evenly with the filler at all times.

vegas five gold cigar

Throughout the spongy section of the cigar, I found myself having to draw harder and getting less smoke with each draw. More than once, I had to even out the burn because of the wrapper not catching. Needless to say, I didn’t get much of an ash.

As I continued to puff, I got a toasty flavor that I didn’t get initially, which again goes to prove a nice complexity. This toasty stick is filled with Honduran tobacco.

I enjoyed all the notes produced by this baby, but unfortunately, the spongy section of the cigar was a let down. Consume. Review. Repeat. give the 5 Vegas Gold Torpedo a 6.5 out of ten toasted sponges.

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