Spectre Movie Review

By | November 17, 2015


I’ve always maintained the belief that the James Bond movie franchise has so much to offer, but somehow the execution of an entertaining Bond movie is a difficult one. The reboot of the franchise with Casino Royale was a much-needed move after watching Pierce (Bond, James Bond) Brosnan surfing a Tsunami.


I consider Casino Royale to be THE best Bond film within the last ten years. It’s hard to believe that Daniel Craig has stared in four Bond films to date; Casino Royale, Quantum Solace, Skyfall, and most recently Spectre. I’d have to agree with most movie review sites that Spectre was a C+ movie. It definitely started out strong, but quickly got bogged down by a lack of thrills and excitement. Basically, the plot is about an organization (zzzzz) that is tapped into (zzzzz) the flow of governmental security information (zzzzz) and is using that information (zzzzz) to benefit those associated with the organization (zzzzz). In other words, Bond is fighting Big Brother.

At times, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at some of the classic Bond moments that were in this film. Such as the main baddie revealing his master plan to Bond before elaborately trying to kill Bond, or the massive headquarters in the middle of the desert where the main baddie likes to hang out with…well-dressed butlers and henchmen. Huh? Come on, I thought we got past all that cliché stuff when the franchise got rebooted.

Regardless of those moments harkening back to ill-conceived Bond movies, there were layers of story that enriched the Bond mythos. Unfortunately, these moments were spoiled by the previews which cheapened the shock they were meant to convey when revealed during the movie. In my opinion, less is more Hollywood.

Of the four recent Bond films, I’d have to rank Spectre dead last. Skyfall (that is sometimes referred to as the grown up version of Home Alone) was an ok film, but for me, Casino Royale and Quantum Solace found a way to balance grittiness, story, and excitement without losing that 007 feeling. Consume Review Repeat gives Spectre a 6.5 out of ten licenses to kill.




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