Velvet #1

By | November 21, 2015


I was first introduced to the work of comic book writer Ed Brubaker while reading his initial run on Captain America (Cap). He weaved an interesting story of the fall and rise of Cap that captured the attention of even the most casual comic book fan. Brubaker did something amazing – he turned Cap, the boy scout of the Marvel U, into an interesting and relevant character. Years later, his work on Cap was memorized into one of the most successful Marvel movies, Captain America: Winter Solider. In my opinion, the comic was a better story, but isn’t that how it always is.

Brubaker’s mix of grit and comic book silliness on Cap was pulled of as grounded thanks to the art of Steve Epting. Epting is an amazing artist that is able to make even the oddest of Cap’s foes, like Zola, come across as a freakish possibility.


He’s truly an amazing artist.

When I found out that Brubaker and Epting were teaming up again to do another spy book (Velvet), I just had to get my hands on it. And trust me, after reading the first issue of Velvet, you won’t be disappointed.

Brubaker’s characters are meaty and Epting’s art is the best I’ve ever seen it. Together they lay the ground work of an elaborate tale of a semi-retired spy, that has been downgraded to performing secretarial duties, going rouge to solve the mysterious death of a colleague. I’m only into the first issue, but so far, it’s been better than most Bond films I’ve watched.


CRR gives Velvet #1 (published by Image Comics) a ten out of ten licenses to kill.

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