Starbucks Chi Tea Latte Review

By | January 21, 2016


Let’s talk about the healing power of Starbucks Chi Tea Latte for a moment. Picture this: It’s a cold, snowy winter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; the Steelers just lost to the biggest forehead in the NFL (Peyton Manning); and your sick with the flu. Could life get any worse? It can, and it does, when you find out your wife and your kid are both sick too.

As I was lying on the couch, I witnessed my wife and my son slowly moving around the house at a snails pace, all the while, moaning with each step they took. No doubt, zombified family members were beginning to surround me. I had to escape since putting them out of their misery Rick Grimes style would be a dangerous move (surely my zombified wife would win that battle). Eventually I made up some excuse to leave the house (I think we need more…eggs? Yeah, yeah, we need more eggs.), and ended up at one of my favorite coffee shops – Starbucks.

I am a strong, black coffee kind of guy because I’m a manly man, but when I am sick, the last thing I want in my stomach is that black brew. My stomach needs something soothing, something mellow, something…relaxing. To the rescue, Starbucks Chi Tea Latte made extra hot. That’s right, I order my brews extra hot since hot is just not hot enough for my exceptional manly mouth that can chug ladles of scorching hot lava. To be honest, my sensitive taste buds are not fans of lukewarm lattes (not a very manly thing to say, I know).

The spices in the latte are just right and the ratio of tea to milk is spot on. I immediately felt at ease and energized at the same time while sipping this comforting, warming drink. I have found that the drink helps loosen up my stuffy nose making it easier for me to breath, and it coats my stomach in such a way that it takes away that upset feeling. All in all, it’s a very soothing drink that brings comfort.

If your interested in what is in the Chi Tea Latte check out the Starbucks web page dedicated to the drink by clicking here.

Consume Review Repeat gives Starbucks Chi Tea Latte a 10 out of 10 “stay thirsty my friends” (oh wait, wrong tag line)…um…Consume Review Repeat gives Starbucks’ Chi Tea Latte a 10 out of 10 Rick Grimes giving a confused look (something he does in EVERY episode).






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