Dunkin Donuts Potato Chips !?!

By | April 19, 2016


Milk and cookies. Beer and hot wings. Wine and cheese. Coffee and potato chips. Some classic pairings just belong together.




Huh? Coffee and potato chips? Correct me if I’m wrong, but that sounds super weird, right? Why would I eat coffee and chips, especially when there is a round alternative made of sugar and flour? It’s called a doughnut, Mr. Dunkin. Your store is fully of them. Why would you try to move me away from the natural combination towards something unholy, abnormal, and downright evil? Why?

I mean, it would be crazy to even try an order of chips.

I had some chips from Dunkin Donuts, and they were pretty good. The $0.79 item snuck by me on the menu for a few weeks, but today was the day. The lukewarm reception from the staff led me towards one conclusion: I must try hips from a doughnut store.

Prepared quickly by being warmed in some type of secret stainless steel chip warming machine and placed into a DD bag, a bag so light that you might suspect that it was empty. The chip serving is small but appropriate for someone looking for a light afternoon snack.

Upon entrance into my mouth, the first chip caressed my taste buds with its saltiness, but there was more. A powdery seasoning that I couldn’t (and still can’t identify). Garlic salt? Onion powder? Garlic powder? Onion salt? Who could say, but it was good.

Want to learn more about the chip? Check out the Dunkin site for more information. Can’t find anything? Me neither. It appears as though the chips are not getting a big marketing campaign.

The chip was thicker than most but had more of a foamy texture and consistency instead of a crunchy, hard quality. It was kinda like a cheese puff was made from a potato and sliced into chips. It was good – A bit of an oral enigma but good.

But here is my main issue: What do I drink with this. Not coffee. I tried to make it work. I failed. Iced tea? The tea menu is pretty stale and never well publicized. There are no fountain drink options, and a bottle of Coke to go just seems odd.

Are those geniuses at Dunkin planning a new line of beverages? They better be because the  thought of having chips without perfect beverage pairing isn’t enough to bring me back. Time to make your move Dunkin.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives Dunkin Donuts’ potato chips 7.5 seasoning powders out of 10.

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2 thoughts on “Dunkin Donuts Potato Chips !?!

  1. JennandMike Saunders Post author

    I have a plain white bag of these chips that have no label or brand… I was told they were DD chips… they are very good… I refuse to share them… I wanna find out where I can buy or get more.


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