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By | May 2, 2016

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My wife and I have been on a burger binge as of late. To us, there is no better comfort food than a good, juicy burger. Finding a place that claims to “specialize” in burgers isn’t that hard to find in Pittsburgh. The problem is finding the place that actually does.

This past weekend my cell phone decided to take nose dive resulting in me begrudgingly going to the closest Verizon store to get a new one. The associate assigned to me was Alex, a nice kid that spoke honestly. I don’t trust many people but I ended up trusting Alex.  While processing my order, Alex told my wife and I about Butterjoint and how they serve the best burgers he’s ever had. I heard “best burgers” and I was immediately intrigued. My wife looked at me, and without saying a word to me, I knew where we were going for dinner.


As I walked into Butterjoint a feeling of warmth and comfort embraced me. My wife rarely uses the term “ambiance”;however, she must have said it at least 80 times while we admired the vibes of the joint. The dark wood finish and antique feel was very inviting and the  music playlist was perfect (a little indie mixed with hits from the 80s). Last time I tried enjoying a burger with my wife I was yelling over depressing 90s alternative rock – not the best music to play while people are trying to enjoy a meal.

The next thing that was a plus was the staff. The guy who took care of us was Jonathan, the bartender. Super nice guy that was very chill. He was easy to talk to and full of information about how Butterjoint came to be and how the food is prepared.

I ordered a medium burger with cheddar and my wife order a well-done burger with American (because she’s all about ‘Merica). We could have gotten other toppings on our burgers but we didn’t want to detract from the taste of our burgers so we kept it simple. Jonathan explained that Butterjoint gets their grass-feed beef from Jubliee Hilltop Ranch. The meat (usually shoulder) is an 80/20 mix of meat to fat.


About 15 minutes after placing our order our meals were delivered. Right away we both noticed that the meat was cooked perfectly and extremely juicy. How you make a juicy well-done burger is beyond me, but they did it. The burger seemed to be simply flavored with salt and pepper making the fresh, beefy flavor of the burger front and center. You could definitely taste the difference. I was in burger heaven. Also important to note is that the burger is filling because it is generously made. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. My only criticism is that I wasn’t a fan of the fries…they were seasoned perfectly but they lacked that fresh-cut feel and taste. I’m a french fry snob so take my opinion with a grain of salt- to me there is nothing better than Kennywood fresh-cut fries.

I’d have to agree with Alex, Butterjoint knows how to make a quality burger that delivers in taste and freshness. You can’t beat the friendliness of the staff and the atmosphere that surrounds you either. Consume Review Repeat gives Butterjoint a 9 out of 10 mouth watering burgers. If you’d like to know more about Butterjoint check them out here.

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