An Ode to Fun

By | May 15, 2016


Sometimes prose is not adequate for a review. Sometimes, you have to bust out the poetry. Savor the flow:

A birthday for the 7th year
Can cause some hesitation and fear
Where can we go and what can we do?
Head off somewhere old or somewhere new?

For us, the answer was clear
Especially since Springtime is officially here.
A place where kids and adults can have a ball
The place, of course, is Fun Fore All!

This spot has games, prizes, and food
Ballocity to brighten your mood.
And that’s only the inside parts
Outside is huge with rides and speedy go-carts.

Party day saw weather that was bleak.
Should we cancel or schedule another week?
At Fun Fore All, there is no retreat
Thanks to a staff that cannot be beat.

They spent their time drying off the rides
In between serving pizzas, salads, and fries.
Minigolf and kiddie rides had us spinning
Purple on the prize wheel – birthday girl winning

Go-carts are the last to open after the rain.
Safety is a concern and drying the track is a pain.
They work hard and completed their chore
Letting the party put the pedal to the floor.

Fun Fore All is where you wanna be.
Even on rainy days, you’re a V.I.P.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives Fun Fore All 9.9 go-cart cruising, ticket winning, ride riding, minigolf stroking, pizza eating, roller coasting, birthday girls out of 10. New high score.

Check out Fun Fore All here.

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