Batman vs Superman: Dawn of…Potential Part 2

By | May 22, 2016

If you haven’t read Part 1 of our review, check it out here.


As scene in the trailers, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent and Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) attend a public function sponsored by Luthor. Bruce is there to hack into Luthor’s computer files, Clark is there to cover the event for the Daily Planet, and Diana is looking for a picture that Luthor has a Diana from the 1930s – proving that Wonder Woman is a possible meta-human or something else.

No real back-story is given at all about Wonder Woman in this movie. She just kind of shows up at Luthor’s event, obtains what she needs, and is basically gone for the rest of the movie until the very end to battle the big bad. Gadot’s performance, although limited, is good but I felt like she was under used.

Getting back to Luthor’s event, there is a very cool scene where Alfred is talking to Bruce through an earpiece and Clark overhears it and begins to follow Bruce to see what Bruce’s up to. Alfred never referred to Bruce as “Batman”, so at this point in the movie Clark still doesn’t know that Bruce is Batman. It was a cool scene because Bruce is sneaking around Luthor’s place thinking he’s pretty slick, but Clark is overhearing it all.

Bruce is able to hack Luthor’s computer and returns to his base of operations (a lake house where the Bat-cave is hidden it). Bruce ends up having a nightmare while waiting for Luthor’s files to be decrypted. This is the second nightmare that Bruce ends up having. The first nightmare is Bruce inside of his parent’s crypt and from out of his mother’s coffin erupts a huge, nightmarish-looking bat. This scene scared the crap out of me, no joke. It’s ten times more frightening then when the Scarecrow sees Batman after being hit with his own toxin in Batman Begins. Although the movie does not give any indication that the nightmarish-looking bat is anything more than a figment of Bruce’s mind, I think it could be something more.


Recently, Warner Bros. released the “Communion” clip that was removed from the final theatrical version of the film. Zack Snyder gave an interview where he indicated that the bat-looking-alien-thing that Luthor is seeing is actually Bat-Mite, and that Bat-Mite is going to be the main villain in the Justice League movie. Snyder indicates in his interview that he wanted Bat-Mite to be different from the comics – more menacing. I think that the bat in Bruce’s dream (although it looks different from Bat-Mite in the Communion clip) could possibly be Bat-Mite.

Here is the link to the article I am referring to.


Bat-Mite has changed over the years in the comics. Originally Bat-Mite was from the fifth dimension and used the technology from that dimension to do as he pleased in the third dimension. At times, it seemed like Bat-Mite had magical powers because he can do anything. The latest incarnation of Bat-Mite in the comics is a delusion that only Batman can see and it is alluded to that the fifth dimension (where Bat-Mite is from) is imagination. Therefore, Bat-Mite could easily “hack” into Bruce’s dreams.

The idea of Bat-Mite being in the DCU cinematic universe is cool, but why take it out of the theatrical release? Furthermore, why explain so much after the release of the movie about something they tried to keep a secret? It’s baffling and it just showcases another example of a missed opportunity to have an intriguing storyline.

Now, more a lot more reports are hitting the net that the alien-looking thing in the communion clip is Steppenwolf  – the uncle of Darkseid and the military leader of Apokolips. I guess time will tell…


Getting back to the second “dream” that Bruce has, labeled by many as the Knight-Mare, I thought this was the strongest sequence of the film. I read the interview that BVS storyboard artist Jay Oliva gave about how the sequence isn’t a dream but a “time boom” and that what we witnessed were actual events that occur in the future. Maybe, but the way the film was directed, a dream was the only conclusion you could come up with. I believe that the sequence holds a much stronger meaning if it was a dream because then you could speculate that again Bat-Mite was messing with Bruce’s mind.


Think about it, the entire sequence is set in an apocalyptic future that appears to have been brought about by Superman because something happened to Lois. Superman is leading a human army and working alongside parademons. Superman is the ultimate bad guy and Batman is unable to stop him, eventually dying at the hands of Superman. This dream, created by Bat-Mite, could have all been made up to plant the seed in Bruce’s mind that Superman is a bad guy, when in reality he’s not. To further support this theory, Bruce begins to train to fight Superman subsequent to the Knight-Mare scene.

Although the Knight-Mare scene is spectacular, because it’s nothing like we’ve ever seen, it paints Superman as a bad guy. This is just another example of Snyder believing that a triumphant Superman is too hard to translate into his movie vision. I also blame writer David Goyer (who also wrote Man of Steel) because he and Snyder just don’t get the simplicities of what makes Superman, Superman. He’s the Captain America of DC – treat him like that. The boy-scout-hero-thing that makes Captain America who he is works for Marvel movies – it can work for the DC movies too.

Not only does the Knight-Mare scene paint Superman in a bad light but the events that follow in the movie. In fact, Superman almost comes across in this movie as a hero that is bad at his job of being a hero. At the end of the movie, Superman ends up doing some heroic things, but by then, you don’t care about him or have any emotional connection to him because it’s all been drained by the negative portrayal of him up until that point.


The movie was marketed as a knock-out, drag-out fight between Superman and Batman. They do fight in this movie but for about 10 minutes. The movie is over 2 1/2 hours long so the fight sequence is barely a part of the move. Somehow Luthor figures out that Batman is Bruce Wayne and that Superman is Clark Kent. There is no explanation as to how this happened. Luthor ends up kidnapping Martha Kent and telling Superman that if he doesn’t kill Batman – Martha will meet her end. There is this odd conversation subsequently between Superman and Lois where Superman makes this weird face and says that he may just have to kill Batman. It was at this point in the movie that I check out – the movie just kept striking out in terms of being a fun, thrilling, popcorn movie.

As you can guess, Superman goes after Batman and they duke it out. Batman is ready to stab Superman with a kryptonite spear and then Superman says something about finding “Martha.” Batman stops in his tracks and says something like (in his “where-is-th-bomb ” voice), “Why did you say that name?!” I seriously laughed out loud because Batman’s reaction was way over the top for the situation. Lois comes running into the scene to explain to Bruce that Clark’s mother’s name is Martha and subsequently Superman and Batman end up being on the same team (so to speak). I’ll be honest, I never made the connection that their mothers shared the same first name; however, how it was introduced was kind of odd.

Batman goes to rescue Martha, Superman goes after Luthor, and Wonder Woman…boards a plane. While Batman and Superman were fighting, Luthor ended up creating Doomsday from Zod’s body, some of Luthor’s blood, and alien tech found int Zod’s ship. The threat of Doomsday brings Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to join forces. They end up defeating Doomsday, but in a weird way. Superman takes the kryptonite spear and rams it through Doomsday just as Doomsday stabs Superman through the heart with one of his boney protrusions. Why Wonder Woman didn’t take the spear (that was unharmful to her) and take out Doomsday is anyones guess.

The movie ends with Superman dying (maybe), Luthor getting put in prison, and Batman and Wonder Woman trying to make sense of it all. Batman ends up going to visit Luthor in prison and tries to threaten him by punching the wall with his branding devise instead of actually branding Luthor. I kept thinking ,”Why doesn’t Batman just kill Luthor? He killed a whole army of bad guys throughout the entire movie.” The movie ends with Luthor yelling about “he’s coming, he’s coming.” We can only guess as to who “he” is…hopefully Luthor was talking about Geoff Johns the DC Comics Chief Creative Officer who has recently been put in charge of the DC movie division after the failure of BVS. I love Johns’ work so I have faith that he can turn things around. Only time will tell. Consume Review Repeat give BVS a 5 out of 10 Knight-Mares.




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