Outcast – SE1EP1: Bug Bites

By | June 4, 2016


I remember when the first issue of Outcast was released. People at my local comic shop were getting into verbal confrontations with the guy running the cash register because he wouldn’t let more than two copies of the issue be sold to each customer. People wanted to have multiple copies of the first issue because they hoped, that in time, the issue’s value would increase (much like the first issue of The Walking Dead) and they would be thousandares. After watching the first episode of Outcast, it’s hard to tell if the show will have the same mass appeal as TWD – lightning rarely strikes twice. That being said, the first episode was solid.

The opening credits of the show are spell-binding. You get the feeling that your riding along with whatever it is that fell from the sky that has decided to infect the town of Rome, West Virginia. There is a scene where the town is viewed upside down and I can only imagine that’s how the townspeople must feel knowing that somethings not right with their small part of the world.


The first episode follows the possession of a young boy who begins to act unorthodox while introducing you to the main protagonist, Kyle Barnes (played by Patrick Fugit). Barnes had a troubled past as a young boy and even as a young, married man. It seems as though he can’t escape the entities or entity that wants to possess the townspeople of Rome, and because of that, his life is in shambles.

The cinematography, acting, and dialogue was done very well making the scenes believable. My only criticism is that there were some effects that didn’t fit with the quality of everything else.

Other than reading the first issue, I didn’t keep up on the comic so my perspective may be different than those who have been reading the comic. It seems to me that insects might have something to do with the possessions. Bear with me here. I get that feeling because everyone who was possessed scratched their bodies as if to indicate they were having a reaction to a bite, or to indicate that something is inside of them that doesn’t feel right…or it could mean that the entity is getting a feel for being inside a body. Regardless of the real reason, those infected acted somewhat like a variety of different insects. For example, those infected hate sunlight like a cockroach and try to suck something (no, not your blood – your soul maybe?) out of you like misquotes. It’s getting late as I type this so this theory could be completely ridiculous but I wouldn’t put anything pass Mr. Robert Kirkman – the guy who wanted to put aliens into TWD.

If your so inclined you can watch the first episode here.

I think the show is going to have to branch out a bit more to keep my interest. If every week is going to be about Barnes performing an exorcism I think the show will get old fast. Consume Review Repeat gives Outcast 8 out of 10 smoke monsters from Lost.



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