Stranger Things, A Netflix Original Series (Trailers Reviewed)

By | July 11, 2016


If Steven Spielberg, Steven King, and David Lynch were kidnapped, and locked in a room together in 1988 and told that their lives, and the lives of their loved ones, was at stake if they didn’t write the very best TV show in history I’m pretty sure I’m damn sure that they would have come up with something similar to Stranger Things; the new NETFLIX original series set to release this week. Think: Goonies mixed with Twin Peaks sprinkled with The Mist, and you’d be close to the vibe that Stranger Things is giving off – it’s a total love letter to those classic 80s movies we fell in love with as kids, or so it seems.

Here is the first trailer that was released.

The first trailer appropriately titled “What the hell?” establishes that a kid in a small town goes missing after running home from something that was chasing him. The missing boy’s mom, played by Beetlejuice star Winona Ryder, tries to track her son down with the help of a laid-back Sheriff who is in over his head. Dude, it’s your job to be the Sheriff of your rinky-dink town, so when a kid goes missing, it’s your job to find him – not to spout off statistics about runaways to a mom who is concerned that her son got lured into a stranger’s van, or worse, fell off a cliff playing Pokémon Go. But I digress; as the trailer continues you find out that some kind of government thing went wrong in the town and that the missing kid is communicating to his mom through…Christmas lights. Kind of crazy, kind of weird, my kind of show – but it wasn’t until I saw the second trailer that I was sold on the show.

Here is the second trailer.

The second trailer has a very Goonies/Stand By Me kind of a feel to it with some E.T. elements. This trailer gives us a bit more insight into what’s going on but also leaves us guessing. From what’s shown we come to learn that a girl with a number on her arm (a government experiment?) is found when Will’s friends are out looking for him. Something escaped from some sort of tree-like/spider-web glob that was inside a government facility and somehow Will and the girl have a connection. Is it because the two of them came in contact with whatever escaped? Maybe, maybe not – there is enough 80s goodness and mystery laced throughout the second trailer that I cannot wait to watch Stranger Things this weekend.

Consume Review Repeat gives Stranger Things (trailer #2) 9 out of 10 bicycles flying past the moon.


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