Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Review – Take 2

By | August 3, 2016


I’m always willing to try something twice. First impressions can be wrong, (See my first review here) even if I never am. Armed with the information gained from my initial trial of the new Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Coffee, I modified my ordering structure. I’ve read other people that criticized me for doctoring up my first order, but here’s a couple things to consider:

  • First. These are Dunkin Donuts beans. They are not rare, well-nurtured beans that are pooped out by some mammal on the side of a Hawaiian volcano. Clear, crisp taste is not going to help this product.
  • Second. This is cold brew. Cold brew produces a stronger cup of coffee. This is lost on some because the lack of acidity makes the brew seem a bit weaker. Adding some milk and a bit of flavoring makes for a more palatable experience.
  • Third. I don’t tell you the way to eat your neighbor’s dirty underwear, so butt out (get it, butt). I think I know how to drink a cup of coffee.

So, as a defiant young man that never rebelled in a real way, I will use my oppositional nature against the “purists” that think I should drink cold brew black. With my second order, I asked for “extra milk and extra vanilla swirl.” Guess what? It was delicious and only harkened back to my previous post that encouraged Dunking to add some pre-formulated recipes for people who like things that don’t suck – like me.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew with a lotta stuff in it 9.1 pumps of syrup out of 10. Nice work, Mr. Dunkin.

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