Pittsburgh Nitro Coffee Review

By | August 6, 2016

I have bad news: my teeth are turning yellow. It’s not because I eat too many packs of SMARTIES or because I have a slight aversion to flossing. No. It’s because I have a bit of a coffee problem, and although, I’m not a chronic coffee drinker, I enjoy more than my fair share. Because I value my health and overall well-being, I made the heart-wrenching decision. As of this morning, I decided to stop drinking coffee. Fairwell friend.

To break this addiction, I decided to trade in the lure of the coffee shop for the sunshine and fresh air of the Lake Arthur Regatta this afternoon. Boat rides, Bar-B-Q, and tons of freebies for the kids was the perfect way to begin my new lifestyle. This was going to be a piece of cake … and then I saw it.


An unassuming tricyle under a slanted-leg canopy.  A shiny cylindrical canister. A draft tap. I needed a closer look to check out the sign. It said …

IMG_1060 No. No. NO! It’s been only a few hours since my resolution towards a brighter, whiter smile, and the fates are tempting me with coffee. Not only that, they are tempting me with a style that I have never tried: Nitro. Before I could call my sponser, Pittsburgh Nitro had me in their grasp.

My understanding of Nitro Coffee is rudamentary, but the basic idea is cold brew coffee that is loaded into a keg with Nitrogen.  That’s atomic element number 7 for you nerds out there. It’s also the same stuff that brought down the Hindenburg. It was a tragedy then, but good fortune for my taste buds today.

The coffee poured from the draft system into a plastic cup like so many parties from my college life in the early 00s.  It even cascaded after the pour to form a foam head, but this was no Natty Ice. This was a coffee creatation that was light and crisp. Without any milk, it was creamy. Without any sweetner, it was sweet with a hint of (dare I say it) vanilla. For a guy that loves to cover up bad coffee with a bunch of stuff, this needed nothing at all from the tap, and it went down so smoothly.


The coffee was great, but for me, the people serving the coffee need to be great as well. The folks of Pittsburgh Nitro didn’t disappoint. They were knowledgable, friendly, and happy to empart their knowledge to me. Pittsburgh Nitro, according to the staff, isn’t as much a roaster or a brewer of coffee, they provide an alternative  delivery system for Twin Valley Coffee. The beans were Ethiopian, and they were awesome. I think I was Ethiopian in a former life – lucky me, unlucky for my yellowing teeth.

Pittsburgh Nitro travels around the Pittsburgh area serving their deliciousness, so be sure to check out their Facebook page for more info. While your online, research some teeth-whittening options; you’ll need it.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives Pittsburgh Nitro’s brew 9.6 Crest White Strips out of 10.

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