Nicola Scott Lassoed Me In To Realize The Truth

By | August 27, 2016
Nicole Scott Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman by Nicola Scott

I’m going to say something that isn’t popular to say, but it’s the truth. Ok, here goes: I didn’t think that there were any competent women artists in comics for a very long time. Keep in mind, this opinion wasn’t formed due to me being some kind of women hater or anything like that. It came about because my exposure to women artists (and writers) was limited.

Most of the comics I read growing up in the ’80s and ’90s were published by DC, Marvel, and Image; I never got into Valiant or any of the other smaller publishers (something that I am kicking myself for now). I read a healthy dose of the big named characters and teams; such as, Justice League, Batman, Superman, X-Men, Spiderman, Punisher, Spawn, Savage Dragon, Cyberforce, etc. Looking back, all of the big titled books back then were drawn by men. If there were any woman artists working at the Big Three, none of them were ever featured on any of the popular titles.

My reading of the various titles caused me to idolize artists like John Byrne, Mark Silvestri, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Frank Miller, Sam Kieth, John Romita Jr., etc. All great artist. All men. At the time, I never gave it any thought that everything I was reading was drawn, and written by men. I liked the stories and the art, and I guess subconsciously, developed the belief that comics were made by guys for guys.

Within the last couple years there’s been a shift in the comic book industry to hire women writers and artists. Slowly, I am beginning to get exposed to very talented women writers and artists that have changed my thinking. I am able to see that women writers and artist are just as good as those guys I mentioned earlier. Also, I’m beginning to understand the difference between women being drawn over-sexualized and those that are drawn empowered. I can now see where some women characters have definitely been over-sexualized just for the sake of it. Sex sells, I get that, but how the hell some of those women fight crime with a string up their butt is beyond me.

Wonder Woman Nicole Scott

Interior Art of Wonder Woman #4

To those of you guys, and girls, that appreciate detailed art that’s clean and beautiful check out Nicola Scott. She’s the current artist on Wonder Woman and she is absolutely super-talented. In fact, it was her artistic abilities that sold me on buying Wonder Woman. A standout attribute of her art is that she is able to convey emotions through the expressions she draws. There isn’t a “dead panel” (i.e. lifeless, expressionless, bland-looking characters in a comic panel) when you read one of her comics. Everyone is expressing some type of movement or emotion keeping the comic fluid, and not stale. It’s really beautiful stuff.

If I got lassoed by Wonder Woman several years ago, I would of admitted that I didn’t think women could draw inspiring comics. After seeing what Nicola can do (and I’m sure other women artist following in her footsteps), I can’t wait to see what art women artists are going to be putting out, or have put out that I missed. I give DC a lot of crap sometimes, but I have to hand it to them for bringing Nicola on to draw Wonder Woman because I, and I’m sure a lot of other people, got a chance to see what a woman artist can do.

Do yourself a favor and check out Nicola Scott on Wonder Woman out now for sale. You won’t be disappointed. CONSUME REVIEW REPEAT gives Nicola Scott’s art 10 out of 10 reality checks!

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