Walking Dead 158 Review

By | September 9, 2016

walking dead 158 cover

Previously in the Walking Dead: Alpha’s head and Negan made it back to our survivor friends as Rick seemingly welcomes the decapitator back into the fold by putting Dwight in charge of his former tormentor. As the issue ends, a swarm of dead and whisperers is upon us.

As issue 158 begins, the swarm approaches with Father Gabriel heading to the crucial lookout point. His only job: Don’t fall from the tower. Don’t get a compound fracture of your leg. And definitely don’t let Beta (Frowny Two-knives) slice you open exposing your insides to the outside. Well, father … better luck next time.

father gabriel death

Now, a reflection on the greatest moments of the good father’s TWD career.

<Insert cool Father Gabriel moments>

Good times.

Elsewhere, some of the old standby alliances in the Kingdom and Sanctuary are outwardly rejected the team approach and leadership of Mr. Rick Grimes. Rick is none the wiser as he and Andrea are heading out for a picnic.

With Rick limping around, Dwight and Negan receive most of this issue’s attention. They slice. They shoot. They whack the dead and the knife-wielding whisperers alike, but their efforts are largely in vain. The enemies close in and cut the heroes off from their support. All Michonne can do is watch.


img_1187 img_1188

Though it looks grim by the end, Negan pulled off a huge save by clubbing Beta and knocking him to the ground. As a note, despite all of Negan’s fighting in the All Out War storyline, I never remember a hair coming out of place. He looks downright disheveled in those last panels.

Overall, this issue continued with the fast-paced, high-intensity arc of the Whisperer War. The art was exceptional and the grid pattern manages to convey so much information and emotion simultaneously. My favorite page was:


It could be a hardback cover.

My only gripe about the issue was the startling shifts between the action and other characters outside of the action. The juxtapositioning was too distracting and jarring, especially since many of the characters were on periphery making them challenging to recognize. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives The Walking Dead issue 158 8.8 compound fractures out of 10.


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