The Walking Dead 160 Review

By | November 5, 2016


Previously in The Walking Dead: We lost a beloved character that has been in the series for 59 issues. Someone that has made a huge impact and will be sadly missed: Lucille. Things will never be the same, and it seems like Negan took the loss of his lady love pretty dang hard. Elsewhere, Whisperers made their way towards the survivors.


In issues 160: We open on the frontlines as the heros, led by Dwight and Michonne, living by the adage “When in Rome, do as the Romans” wear the masks of the Whisperers, infultrate their lines, and slaughter them like so many delicisous cows.

The notably less-dense issue bounces to events at the Kingdom and the aftermath of events in the Sanctuary before checking in on a meaningless conversation between Rick and Eugene and spoting Andrea waiting to snipe someone from the tower with no one living or dead in her sights.


This lull leads to the climax at the Hilltop where Carl’s early awakening leads him to being the first to see a barage of flaming arrows shot over the wall by the walkers. Arrows that take out people standing watch on the wall (in a very Jon Snow way). Arrows that seem to miss Carl through some kind of divine intervention.  The wall is down. The hilltop is on fire, and Maggie is racing back inside to resuce baby Hershel and Sophia. It might not be looking good for the members of Maggie’s family.


The issues closes out with Lydia choosing sides as she blasts away a Whisperer intending to bring the Alpha offspring back into the woods.

Perhaps, the oddest/ most unsettling aspect of this issues isn’t the slower pacer or the lack of meaningful contributions by Rick or Negan. No. The weirdest part is that the Whisperers have bows with flaming arrows. Did I miss something? Do I need to go back and check the tape? The Whisperers have bows that they carry around, with arrows, with a quiver, with lighters to set the arrows ablaze? I must of missed that among the skin suits and knives.

As always, we will wait and see what Mr. Kirman has in store for us.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives The Walking Dead 160 7.8 empty eye sockets out of 10.

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