Pizza Hut Disguised As BJ’s Brewhouse

By | November 7, 2016

BJ's Brewhouse Pepperoni Extreme

Shhh, listen. I’m about to let you in on a secret. I’m a full-blooded Italian that loves to eat, and say “forgetaboutit.” When my wife told me that a BJ’s Brewhouse was being built minutes from our home, I knew where we were going to eat once I saw the lights on in the place. BJ’s prides itself as a place that puts a southern California spin on the deep-dish Chicago style pizza. I pride myself as someone who likes to eat pizza. I figured it would be a match made in heaven, but too my surprise, something tasted very similar at BJ’s.

I ordered the signature deep dish pepperoni extreme that included a five cheese topping and pepperoni sliced, diced, and “julienned” (whatever that means). No joke, the pizza tasted like it was right out the oven of Pizza Hut. After taking my first bite, memories of me being in the BookIt club came flooding back. I like Pizza Hut so the pizza was good, but when I go to a place that charges me almost double what Pizza Hut does and claims to be a Chicago deep-dish place, I expect a bit more. I’ll give it this, the pepperoni was spicy and flavorful and not bland or heartburn inducing like the kind found on frozen pies.

Although I would have liked to have more from my pizza, the beer was awesome. My wife and I got the beer that had some kind of grape or berry mixture to it and it was to die for. Absolutely, amazing! It was smooth with a hint of a wine flavor behind it. I’m not sure if this beer is there all the time or if it is seasonal. Regardless, if you see it on the menu get it.

Consume Review Repeat give BJ’s a 6 out of ten ways to slice pepperoni regarding their pizza and a 9 out of 10 gulps of delicious beer brewed by new favorite place to drink, BJ’s.

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