Burger King’s BBQ Bacon King Shouldn’t Be Crowned

By | January 31, 2017
Burger King's BBQ Bacon King Burger

Burger King’s BBQ Bacon King Burger

When I think of a juicy, sizzling, flame-grilled burger there is only one place that comes to mind, and that place is…(drum roll)…Burger King. Home of America’s favorite burger the Whopper, Cheetos chicken fries, and other mouth-watering goodness, Burger King knows what its customer base craves and it can only be found under their roof. Keeping ahead of the ever-evolving fast food competition to entice the taste buds of the masses, Burger King has crafted the BBQ Bacon King sandwich.

If there is anything I love more than my first born son, its bacon. If there is anything I love more than bacon, it’s BBQ sauce. So obviously I was a mark for the newest BK sandwich marketed as layers of bacon lathered in tangy BBQ sauce.

The Bacon King Comes In Two Styles

Interesting fact, the Bacon King comes in two styles; topped with BBQ sauce, or – if you don’t like BBQ sauce coursing through your veins and have no soul – you can choose the regular version topped with ketchup. Regardless of which version you choose, both are served with a layer of mayo. Below is your peek inside the mouth of the beast.

Bacon King Burger

A Peek Inside The BBQ Bacon King Burger

I’ve never had a BBQ burger that included a layer of mayo too. In my professional burger eating opinion, I wouldn’t have included the mayo for two reasons. Reason one, the mayo detracted from the rich BBQ taste that I was expecting to sink my teeth into. Reason two, it increased the sliminess factor of the burger to a degree that made handling the burger a messy, Olympic sport.

A Messy Disaster

If the King insisted on having his patty slimmed with BBQ sauce and mayo, and I was but his lowly cook, I wouldn’t have put both condiments on top of each of other. Instead, I would have put the BBQ sauce on the top bun, and the mayo on the bottom bun. That way the two separate tastes could be enjoyed at the same time during each bite, instead of being tainted through an intermingling beforehand. Also, my thirty-plus-years of fast food eating leaves me to believe that too many condiments leads to an Israeli/Palestinian-like conflict over bun space, which ultimately causes condiment refugees drizzling down the side of the burger and all over my hands. A messy experience indeed.

Eaten Bacon King Burger

Mayo And BBQ Sauce Trying To Escape The Bacon King

I Tasted The Difference, And I Wasn’t Convinced

In terms of taste, I was disappointed. The meat and the BBQ sauce tasted bland and the bacon was chewy instead of crispy. Overall, the sandwich had a soggy feel to it and a mushy texture. Not the euphoric experience I had hoped for after a long day, and dying of hunger.

A few suggestions for the the King. I think the buns should be lightly toasted or toasted more so (if they are already toasted) to help prevent the sogginess that occurs with layers of cheese, bacon, and condiments. Also, I’d make sure that the bacon is crispy because nothing is less enjoyable than chewing bacon like it’s bubble gum. Lastly, the BBQ sauce should be rich and flavorful, full of robust flavors that makes you want to rope a bull, or do whatever it is that cowboys do.


Consume Review Repeat gives the Burger King BBQ Bacon King a 4.8 out of 10 chewy pieces of bacon that made me feel like Clark Griswold trying to eat overcooked Christmas turkey as I tried to down my BK burger.

Clark Griswold Eating Christmas Turkey

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  1. Mark

    The bacon king us far & away my most favorite burger, I love the “chewy bacon” & everything else about it BUT for the calories. I have one every 2 – 3 weeks. Its amazing


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