Daniel Warren Johnson’s ‘Extremity’ Is Relentlessly Raw As It Creates Retrospection

By | March 1, 2017
Daniel Warren Johnson Extremity Cover #1

Daniel Warren Johnson Extremity Variant Cover #1

What is it that you truly fear? The death of a loved one? Running out of Oreos to dunk in your milk? What about something a bit more selfish like losing your identity? Daniel Warren Johnson’s Extremity is a relentlessly raw story that’s about losing what makes you…you. By the end of the book, you’ll be taking a hard look at yourself in the mirror and contemplating who you really are, and who you’d become if something dear to you was taken away.

Who Is Daniel Warren Johnson?

This is Daniel’s first self-created comic published through Image Comics, and boy, is it a doozie. You may know Daniel’s work through his episodic webcomic Space Mullet (which is great), or his short story called  Green Leader (which is totally awesome), or his kick-ass commissions such as this:

Daniel Warren Johnson Darth Vader Commission

Daniel Warren Johnson Darth Vader Commission

All those things are great about Daniel; however, his latest work goes beyond what he’s done before.

A Sci-Fi Story Full Of Meaning

There are those movies out there that look pretty and are fun to watch, but they lack an impacting story. In some ways, those movies feel hollow because they deliver everything except that something to make it meaningful. Extremity is that sci-fi movie you’ve been waiting for that delivers cool character and set designs similar to Alien or Akira, as well as, delivering a powerful story that gives you pause; like Fight Club.

The art is raw and visceral matching the theme of the story perfectly. Mike Spicer’s color work is right on point adding to Daniel’s already stunning art and layouts. Mike is an exceptional talent and able to bring an emotional sense to the art by picking all the right colors to do so.

Daniel absolutely nailed the layouts for this issue. I seriously felt like the camera angles and layouts Daniel chose delivered a movie in my hands. Everything flowed naturally and the emotional beats were hit just right.

Internal Pages Extremity #1

Pages From Extremity #1

The Story You Don’t Want To Miss

After listening to Daniel on Off Panel (if you’re not listening to this podcast, what’s wrong with you?), I found a comic store where I was at and picked up the 1:25 variant. With as much passion as Daniel spoke about the comic during Off Panel, I knew that dropping the extra change for a variant would be worth it – and it was. I really don’t want to give anything away so I’ll just say this: the story is about Theo, a strong female lead character, that loses what defined her as a person and is faced with a decision that will define her yet again – will she or won’t she seek revenge.

Consume Review Repeat gives Extremity a 10 out of 10 severed hands!



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