Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee Cocoa & Honey Review

By | March 16, 2017

I remember simpler times – times when bottled coffee drinks were either Frappuccinos or … well … Frappuccinos. There were three flavors, one size and all was right in the world. Now, the convenience stores, gas stations, and supermarket aisles are littered with so many prepared coffee drinks in bottles, cans, and cartons that the process has become overwhelming.

How am I supposed to drink all of this coffee?

Some people might say, “Just don’t drink them. Walk by the drinks and live your life.”

Ha! Walk by new coffees? What am I a loser? If it’s there, I’m going to drink it. This is science man. These people worked tirelessly to bring me a quality product. The least I could do is take a sip.

Today’s impulse buy is the Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee. The variety that I sampled from my friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart Supercenter was the cocoa and honey option with cream. The plain selection didn’t appeal to me today, but I’m certain it will cross my lips at some point.

This was the first I have heard of or seen these recent additions to the Starbucks arsenal. From the bat, they are a nice looking drink. The dark brown, stout bottle is attractive and the wide mouth ensures a smooth pour into your hole. Although Dunkin Donuts foray into bottled drinks went with plastic as a delivery system, Starbucks opted to continue with glass, which I think is a wise move. Glass helps the drink tastes better and seems to keep it colder, too. From a design standpoint, everything about this drink is working for me.

As readers know, I am a sucker for reading labels. I need to know if some suspicious seaweed is going to get me pooping all through the night or if my bowels are safe. So what exactly is in this Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee with Cocoa and Honey? Not much as it turns out. See for yourself:

Coffee, sugar, skim milk, cream, cocoa, sea salt, and honey. The funniest thing about this list is that honey is the last ingredient, signifying that there is less honey in the drink than there is sea salt. Why didn’t they call it Cold Brew with Cocoa and Sea Salt? I’ll tell you why because the idea of honey in cold brew sounds delicious. Sea salt? Not so much.

So … how did it taste? I gotta say that I had high hopes with this Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee with Cocoa & Honey, and it did not disappoint. Strong coffee flavor that was well balanced by the dairy. The cocoa seemed to bring out and accentuate the chocolately taste that many cold brews have, making its inclusion a genius move. Unsurprisingly, I couldn’t taste the honey. Sorry. My palate needs some work.

The bottle went down easy, but hold on to your hats. These bad boys pack a caffeine punch. I was buzzing after two-thirds of the bottle, leading me to slow my pace.

The cost of bottled coffee drinks can be as erratic and unpredictable as the drinks themselves, but at less than $3, I felt that the cost to benefit ration was totally in line. I would definitely try this one again and pick up the other variety as well. And this is coming from a person typically apathetic to Starbucks creations.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee with Cocoa & Honey 8.9 coffee highs out of 10.


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One thought on “Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee Cocoa & Honey Review

  1. Mark Bohlin

    I can drink coffee and go to sleep. At 5pm I drank a 11oz bottle of this new cold brew and was literally up all night. Not normal stuff. This will wake you up and keep you that way. They should have a warning. Strongest legal stimulant know to man-kind! I sure didn’t expect that. I’m the kind of person that can sleep no matter what w the exception of this…


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