DQ’s Treatzza Pizza Review

By | August 24, 2017

I’ve never been a fan of the Dairy Queen’s ice cream cakes. Here’s why:

  • There’s too much going on. The ice creams, the frosting, the weird chocolate/ fudge crunch, and the gel-like substance used to decorate the top leads to poor results in my belly.
  • It’s frozen stiff. Want some ice cream cake? No problem. Just let it sit out for 90 minutes until it’s soft enough to cut.
  • It’s too big. It’s so tall and rich that even a tiny sliver is enough to fill me up. No one can finish a whole cake. Jam that thing back in the freezer.
  • It’s pricey. At about $23 for the cheapest option, the cakes are expensive. That’s a lotta cash for a dessert.

If only the wizards at DQ could come up with a treat that addresses my outlined concerns. I need a simple, non-hard-as-a-rock, small, and affordable option.

Enter the Treatzza Pizza. Aside from the terrible name, this sweet has a lot going for it.

Though it is hard to tell from the commercials, this is what you get from the Treatzza Pizza:

  • A base comparable to a cookie or a thin brownie.
  • A layer of vanilla soft serve.
  • Your choice of topping like M&Ms, Reese’s or brownie (comes with chocolate soft serve).
  • A syrupy drizzle.

I opted for the M&Ms and the experience was a good one.

Already divided into 8 equal slices, the pizza was easy to share, and the 8 recipients were all satisfied with the experience. Some digging right in with their hands and others forking it. All the problems with the standard ice cream cake are completely resolved with the Treatzza Pizza. At $9.99 for the one-size-fits-all snack, the Treatzza Pizza is a delicious value.

Let’s do something about the name, though. How about … anything other than “Treatzza Pizza.”

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives the DQ Treatzza Pizza 9.0 terrible names out of 10.

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