‘Six Demon Bag’ Rocks Out With Its Soul Out

By | April 7, 2018


Six Demon Bag

Don’t let this band’s name fool you, Six Demon Bag isn’t a death metal band or some kind of variation. In fact, the band is on the opposite side of the musical spectrum dabbling more in blues, rock n’ roll, and a touch of indie. The band’s sound is layered in grizzled distortion and deep vocals and varies from soothing to toe-tapping. It’s hard to box the band into a category and say they sound like (insert popular band name). All you really need to know is that Six Demon Bag delivers a soulful performance that is better experienced void of labels.

The over fifteen-year friendship that binds the three band members is evident whenever you go to one of their shows. They are usually laughing and poking fun at one-and-other between songs and find the time to engage in the heckling that goes on with their loyal fans. You can tell that the band is very appreciative of their fan base and a down-to-earth group of guys. Six Demon Bag would rather share a beer with you and enjoy the band that follows them, instead of talking about themselves. They are music lovers and it shows.

The bandmates couldn’t be further apart in terms of their professions, but when you get them together, they produce a sound that plays off of each other’s strengths. Lead vocalist/guitarist Trevor Thomas weaves a rhythmic sound that is complemented by his deep vocals, drummer Jason Palat plays with an infectious smile as he beats on the skins, and bassist Joe Grado delivers an invested performance.

The band took me on a musical journey when I last saw them play at Moondogs and gave me a new-found appreciation for the Pittsburgh music scene. I am looking forward to seeing them play again. Consume Review Repeat gives Six Demon Bag two big thumbs up.

You can check out more videos of Six Demon Bag on their Facebook page found here.

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