Apothecary Coffee House – Review

By | December 29, 2018

The best coffee in Armstrong County is at Apothecary Coffee House. Its location is a little hard to find, though. You’ll need a few prepositional phrases to guide your way.

From downtown Kittanning, head towards Market Street, over the bridge, up the hill, and along Butler Road, past the DMV. Park across from the Sunoco, outside Hiland Pharmacy, and walk through the door.

Your nose will take you the rest of the way.

That’s right! It takes 9 prepositional phrases to get to Apothecary Coffee House because the shop is conspicuously parked inside a pharmacy.

Once you make a left inside the pharmacy, you are treated to a full-fledged coffee bar whose name is cleverly tied to the location. The setting is slightly offputting at first. Mostly because the new, crisp, stark white of the coffee area contrasts with the rest of the pharmacy, which isn’t hiding its age well.

Behind the counter is a full menu and an eager barista ready to take your order. I can only assume this is also the proprietor of the shop as she is the only one to ever prepare a drink for me in the dozen times I stopped in this year. The service is quick and friendly without being overly chatty – perfect for a person on the move to work or running errands around town. There is some counter space on the side to pull up a stool, though it’s consistently occupied with retired regulars drinking their drip coffee and discussing the politics of the day.

The regulars might opt for the drip, but I love the espresso beverages Apothecary Coffee House serves up. Hot or iced, the mochas are can’t miss, although their price makes them more of a special treat than an everyday choice.

The prices have increased slightly since this photo.

I love the menu. It is thorough yet simple enough for me to navigate – a quality I always appreciate in a coffee shop, since I still get Starbucks ordering anxiety. Apothecary Coffee House offers a few sizes of a few drinks that cover a range of prices, so while those regulars can enjoy their drips for about a buck a cup, the less frequent flyers like me can splurge for the occasional $4 – $5 mocha. Lattes, Americanos, and cappuccinos round out the coffee sampling with teas and hot chocolate for those looking for something different. Check back frequently for seasonal offers as they come along.

A small, but tasty, line up of baked goods fills out the case nicely. I haven’t indulged much, but can you really go wrong with a coffee shop treat?

To this point, without fail, each drink I had was expertly prepared with excellent ingredients and never too sweet. The shop uses (and sells) Commonplace Coffee Co. beans from the city to create these caffeinated creations. Better, single origin beans are available for pour-overs for those seeking great flavors and a true coffeehouse tasting experience.

Since everything at Apothecary is really great, identifying the standout from the bunch can be a challenging task. For me, the winner (by a narrow margin) is the chocolate cold brew. With a thick creaminess and a nice chocolate balance, this summertime specialty makes me yearn for the next heat wave.

It has not been around long, but in less than a year, Apothecary Coffee House has endeared itself to me and a chunk of the area. With some luck and continued patronage, the shop will be enjoyed for years to come.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives Apothecary Coffee House 9.3 pumps of mocha syrup out of 10.

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