Dark Knight: The Master Race

DKIIII am buying into the hype that Dark Knight: The Master Race is going to be EPIC! At least I hope so. I really, really hope so.

In my opinion, DC Comics hasn’t put out anything intriguing since Grant Morrison’s Multiversity. I didn’t feel Convergence and the DCYou just didn’t do it for me. Now I know that DK III could be viewed as nothing new and just another “going back to the well” idea. BUT it has so, so much potential.

What’s exciting about this project is that Frank “I’m Batman, Punk” Miller will be co-writing DK III with Brian Azzarello. That’s right. Miller is back to continue what he started. From what I understand, Miller won’t just be writing DK III, but doing some art on it as well. That’s encouraging to hear because Miller’s art is phenomenal.

Reports leaking out from DC are indicating that the majority of the art is going to be done by Andy Kubert. Kubert’s art is good, no doubt about that, but I’m not sure that it is the style for this book. I saw a picture drawn by Kubert supposedly related to the project and it almost changed my mind. Maybe it will work, I hope it does, it’s just that sometimes his work can be a bit too jagged, and not fluid like Miller’s.


What’s cool is that Klaus Janson (the guy who inked Miller’s Dark Knight Returns) will be inking Kubert’s art. I got to hand it to DC. I like it when they bring the original guys back to work on project that they were previously associated with.

DC is pulling out all the stops on this one. So far it looks like there are going to be over 18 different covers for issue number one. Most of them are going to be pretty hard to get your hands on because they are going to specific to comic shops (online stores) around the US. For example, the Gary Frank drawn cover (that looks amazing) can only be purchased from BuyMeToys.com. Here is a listing of the covers so far and here is what some of them look like.

JimLeeDK3MR1variantpencilsDK III is going to be an 8 issue series and within each issue is going to be a small comic that is about a specific character of the overall story. What’s cool is that about two weeks after each issue is released a hardcover slip case comic will be released that will have the small comic at full scale size. So two weeks after issue 1 is released with the small comic, the hardcover slip case version will be issued. From what I hear, when you line up the slip cases and they will create a cool graphic.

I’m pumped and you should be too. DK III is shaping up to be something special. Consume. Review. Repeat. gives the hype associated with DK III an 8 out of 10 bat symbols.

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