Secret Wars #4

Secret Wars (2015) has been an enjoyable ride so far. Things are beginning to fall into place, for the most part. I still have some questions that haven’t been answered – like how specific timelines are continents, or so it seems. But, all in all, it’s been a good read. I got to hand it to Jason Aaron. He put a Game of Thrones twist on the Marvel Universe that we haven’t seen before, and it works. I’m this close to referring to Aaron as God-Aaron because his writing has been omnipotent thus far. After reading this issue, there is no doubt that Doom is God.

Warning spoilers to follow.

Issue #3 ended with the Thor Green Lantern Corps (or whatever the hell they are called) tracking down the Cabal, and Dr. Strange reveling to the heroes from the life raft that God-Doom created Battleworld. In this issue, the Thor Corps is getting it handed to them by the Cabal resulting in Dr. Strange and the life raft heroes intervening in the battle.

God-Doom is made aware of the battle, but seems disinterested that is until he notices that Reed Richards has survived the incursion and is in combat with the Cabal. With the click of his heels (no, not really), God-Doom transports himself to the battle and starts laying the smack down. In true WWE fashion, Cyclops/Phoenix calls out God-Doom for the match of his life. And what followed was shocking, to a degree.

I was expecting a slobber-knocker of a battle between God-Doom and Cyclops/Phoenix, but instead it ended as quickly as it began by God-Doom breaking the neck of Cyclops/Phoenix!

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 10.47.41 AMAs shocking as the death was, it made sense with how corporate things have been at Marvel comics as of late. It’s no secret that Marvel is downplaying the X-Men and the Fantastic Four since Marvel does not have the movie licenses associated with said properties, and has been pushing the Avengers, Inhumans, and others as the face of their company.

Although the X-Men haven’t been a big part of Secret Wars mini-series, the Fantastic Four have. It’s odd that the FF family is playing a major role in such a big event since, it seems, Marvel is trying to phase out FF. Don’t believe me, just look at the All-New All Different titles coming out in October after Secret Wars. There isn’t going to be an FF comic.

My theory is that the FF family is going to meet their end in this mini-series as they battle God-Doom. And somehow, the sacrifice of the FF family sets the Marvel Universe back to normal, but without the FF family.

Of interest is that Dr. Strange’s loyalty to God-Doom waivers after witnessing Cyclops demiseand teleports our heroes away from God-Doom. On the last page of this issue, a not so happy God-Doom, appears to have killed Dr. Strange for his lack of allegiance.

We are half way through and so far this mini-series is becoming one of my favorites. My only knit-picky thing with this issue is that the art wasn’t as sharp as in pervious issues. It’s still some of the best work out there, but it looked like Esad Ribić was slightly rushed to get this issue out there.

Consume. Review. Repeat. gives Secret Wars #4 a 9 out of 10 neck braces.

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