The Walking Dead #138


Let’s be honest for a minute. The Walking Dead has its ups and downs, but for the most part, it’s a solid comic. I thoroughly enjoyed issue #137 and I gushed all over it when I reviewed it. Sadly, issue #138 wasn’t as exciting. It was a good issue and it moved the story along, but it didn’t have that wow factor. Now, I know not every issue can be a jaw-dropping-holy-$#@%-that-just-happened issue. So with that in mind, I was fine with how things played out in this issue, and you should be too.

Let’s address the elephant in the room first. No, Maggie did not die in issue #137 as we were lead to believe. I’m sure that’s not a shock to anyone. Maggie getting poisoned by Gregory would be a lame way for her to go out. It was nice to see Jesus coming to Maggie’s rescue and kicking Gregory’s keister all over the place. I’m enjoying Jesus more and more. The last time I started liking a newly introduced character was Abraham, and then BAM, Kirkman offed him without warning. So, if you are reading this Mr. Kirkman, please don’t kill Jesus (like you care what I think).

Ok, now lets address the other elephant in the room. Yes, Carl and Lydia knocked boots. The relationship building between Carl and Lydia is interesting. In some ways, takes me back to my middle school days when you could be instantaneously in love with the girl who passed you the note that said, “You’re cute.” For those of you who were born in the 90s, note passing is like taking a bathroom mirror selfie of yourself and sending it to someone with the hashtag #thinkimhot?

The major development of the issue is the Whispers surrounding Maggie’s community, which leads to Maggie and the leader of the Whispers confronting each other for the first time. It’s revealed that the leader of the Whispers is a female named Alpha and she’s looking for her daughter who is…Lydia – Da Da DAAAAAAA!


For the most part, the conversation between Maggie and Alpha is amicable and it’s decided that Maggie will trade Lydia for the prisoners that the Whispers have – Ken and Dante (who I thought were dead) – Da Da DAAAAAAAA!

As expected, Carl is not happy about the trade because Lydia confided in him about how she is “used” by the Whispers. Maggie tries to explain to Carl that the trade is for the good of the cause, but Carl isn’t having it. The trade goes down as planned and heart-broken Carl goes chasing after Lydia and the Whispers without Maggie and the others knowing – Da Da DAAAAAAAAA!


All-in-all this was a good issue. I’m curious to see how Rick is going to react when he finds out Carl has gone missing. Consume. Review. Repeat. gives The Walking Dead issue #138 a seven out of ten Da Da DAAAAAAAs!

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