The Walking Dead #140

Ten more issues to go and we will be reading issue #150; I can’t wait to see what Kirkman has in store.

Walking Dead (WD) is probably one of my favorite comics of all time. I don’t have to worry about the series getting re-tooled with a new #1 and being labeled All New-All Different, All Very New, This is Newer than New, etc., etc. There are a lot of series out there by the big two that seem to be getting re-booted to try and stay current. That’s not the case with WD and that’s the beauty of it. We are getting to see a single creator’s vision getting played out well over 150 issues. I don’t know if that can be said of any other creator.

At times, WD has hit some slow moments such as the All Out War storyline. But, for the most part, WD has been hitting its stride. Some issues, like this one, start out a bit slow and then on the last page Kirkman will hit you with a no-look pass. I will get to the payoff of this issue in a moment, but lets start from the beginning.

This issue opens up with Rick and Michonne having a heart-to-heart what they deserve and whether or not finding happiness should be an option for those who are surviving. I can definitely see this as a dilemma playing out in real life (that is, if there was a zombie outbreak). There would always be the questioning of do I deserve something good after all the bad that has happened to those around me, for sure.

Turn the page and Jesus and Maggie are debating whether or not to kill Gregory. If they do, in a way, it condones killing. If they don’t, they may appear to their group as weak. Maggie has been through a lot of tough stuff and this decision isn’t making things any easier on her. Towards the end of the issue she decides to go in the opposite direction of what Rick would do, and decides to kill Gregory…but how is not said.

Lastly, Negan is given a shower and a haircut. Not the order I would have chosen because after a haircut it always feels like I need a shower. I hate the feeling of all those clippings stuck to my neck and back. I end up looking like Jeffery Jones from Beetlejuice as I try to itch my back successfully.

Speaking of Beetlejuice, do any of you see Negan looking like a younger Michael Keaton? Me either.

Now to discuss the payoff of the issue – Negan’s cell isn’t locked…or comes unlocked, I’m not totally sure. The click sound is there when Oliva goes to lock the cell but is she really locking it? Negan looks surprised by his discovery of his cell being unlocked after everyone leaves, but you and I both know that Kirkman likes to screw with us, so that facial expression could be there to mislead.

Consume. Review. Repeat. gives The Walking Dead #140 an 8 out of 10 Kirkman mind-screws.

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