The Walking Dead #142


The past couple issues have been building to this moment – Maggie informing Rick that his son took off from Maggie’s people to find Lydia (you know, the eye-hole licker). As expected, Rick losses it on Maggie and decides to find Carl. Rick is accompanied by Andrea, Michonne, and Dante which leaves Eugene in charge of Rick’s people and the fair that is going on there.

Carl is still trying to convince Lydia to leave her mom, Alpha, and the group lead by Alpha known as the Whispers. We learn that the Whispers see themselves more as animals than humans and that’s why they don’t use their names. They act more like a pack of hungry dogs rather than a community, in most ways. From day one, I’ve enjoyed the introduction of the Whispers. They are a fresh take on a possible threat to Rick and his people. After talking with Carl, Alpha decides that she needs to know more about Rick and his people and how they live. Not out of some kind of change-of-heart-curiosity but more as a predator stalking its prey.

The moments we see of the fair are interesting for a Walking Dead comic. People are happy and actually enjoying life for a change. But that could all change because on the last page of the issue we see that Alpha is at the fair. How the hell did that happen?

It’s a set-up issue, for sure, but it’s building excitement for issue #150 when I think everything is going to come to a head. Consume. Review. Repeat. gives The Walking Dead #142 a 7.5 out of 10 whispers.

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