The Walking Dead #141


When I picked up this issue, I was thinking that crap was about to go down. How couldn’t I? Just look at the cover – standing inside his open cell is one of the biggest bads of WD, Negan. He’s like Rick Grimm’s Joker.

Most of the issue is dedicated to the estranged relationship of Rick and Negan. When Rick returns home he finds Negan chilling in his cell with the door wide open. Turns out Olivia forgot to lock Negan’s cell. Really Olivia, really? What’s up with that (Oooo weee)? I could throw in some more SNL lines here, but I digress.

Instead of an all out brawl, Rick and Negan have at it verbally. (It can’t be blood and guts all the time kids). Negan is basically trying to mind-screw Rick at this point and Rick, in a way, is torturing Negan by holding him prisoner. I don’t buy Negan’s excuse that he didn’t escape so that he could build trust with Rick. He did it to screw with Rick almost to say that he likes being held prisoner. By Negan taking this approach to his capture, Rick looses the impact he wants to have on a caged Negan. Negan goes further to deflate Rick’s sense of power over him by telling Rick that Rick is keeping him prisoner not to create a civilized world, but to boost Rick’s self-worth. Negan explains that Rick doesn’t want to be seen as the bad guy (even though he has done some questionable things) so Rick captures THE bad guy and chooses not to kill him. I hate to say it, but Negan has a point. By the end of the conversation, Negan’s F-Bomb count clocked in at about 27 times over a period of four pages. Without a doubt, Negan’s F-Bomb count has to be well over 5,000 by now and there is more to come because he’s still locked up in Rick’s basement.

Two more interesting moments occurred in this issue – Eugene and Rosita are pregnant and Maggie had Gregory (the dude who tried to kill her) hung. The hanging of Gregory was a nice juxtaposition to the story. In one camp, you have Rick who is trying to play by the rules of old like he’s a cop again, and in the other, you have Maggie who is more inclined to take the approach of kill or be killed. All in all, this was a good issue. Consume. Review. Repeat. gives The Walking Dead issue #141 a 8 out of 10 F-Bombs.

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