The Everymen Stage AE


I just got back from watching War on Drugs perform at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, PA – without a doubt they straight up killed it. The Everymen, a NJ band that I never heard before, was the opening act. The Everymen can best be described as a mix of rock, some punk, and a bit of ska – think No Doubt and Mighty Mighty Bosstones but raw – and you’re on the right track as to what kind of music The Everymen deliver.

I got to hand it to the band, they delivered a high-energy performance to an audience of onlookers who had no idea who they were. Their sound isn’t in the same vein as War except for the times when they shied away from the ska and just rocked out. For the most part, their music is fast paced and very heavy-handed; they aren’t a slow jam band that eventually gets to a crescendo.

The vocals was a mix of male lead or female lead depending on the song. I’m not sure if they worked out all the kinks yet because, unfortunately, the sound of the instruments drowned out the vocals. The vocals were strained and muffled as they tried to ride over top of the wailing guitars, booming bass, and rhythmic drums.

The band delivered a big sound in a big way. In addition to that, they have a sense of humor. They joked with the crowd and made pleasant remarks about the Pittsburgh culture. Clearly, they are proud of their NJ upbringing and don’t let you forget where they hail from.


In my opinion, they didn’t complement War all that much – this isn’t a knock at the band – more so at who pairs which bands together. I think the crowed that would be more receptive to The Everymen would be those that go to ’90s alternative rock concerts or go see Dropkick Murphy-esque bands; not indie hipsters.

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