Acid Kuba Kuba

One of my favorite go-to cigars (when I’m looking to switch things up) is the ACID Kuba Kuba by Drew Estates. No one turned me onto the cigar, I just found it. I selected it not knowing anything about it. Although the packaging seemed a bit too alternative for my style; a black silhouette of a spike-haired-crotch-rocket-riding dude, I liked the name of it. ACID. Just saying the name of the cigar made me feel like I was about to toke on some kind of exotic, underground drug.

Once my mouth hit the head of the wrapper, a burst of flavor hit me. Sweetness and tangy notes were intertwined into tasty goodness. It was love at first…taste.

I have since come to learn that ACID cigars are considered infused. Now, most cigar smokers turn their nose up at a flavored cigar. These individuals enjoy the flavor notes that are produced traditionally and have a hankering for the taste of tobacco. I too like straight up, well-produced cigars. But, from time to time, I like to switch things up.

ACID flavors their tobacco in a unique way. Instead of spraying their wrappers with flavor or using reaction flavors (when the cigar burns it produces a certain flavor), ACID/Drew Estate puts their tobacco in a room filled with over 200 essential herbs, oils and botanicals to slowly infuse a unique, highly aromatic taste into the tobacco. Pretty cool, huh?

So far, ACID has been my favorite line of infused cigar. There are others out there, but they don’t deliver the same quality as ACID. To be sure, there are some pretty nasty infused cigars out there that taste like they just been dipped in cherry cough medicine. Although they burn well and taste great, my only complaint is that the wrapper is paper thin and, at times, brittle. Other than that, I couldn’t be happier with the cigar.

Consume. Review. Repeat. give the ACID Kuba Kuba a 9 out of 10 relaxing smokes.

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