Camacho American Bourbon Barrel Aged Cigar

Let’s get one thing straight, I like things that are aged. Aged cheese, aged wine, aged cigars – you name it, if it’s aged, I’m game. So when I heard about the somewhat new craze of cigar companies aging their wrappers in liquor barrels, I had to give it a try. One of those companies that is doing the barrel aged thing and getting good press is Camacho. Now I never had a Camacho before, so I was interested to see what one of their flagship cigars tasted like.

Right off the bat, the presentation of the cigar came across professional. Not gaudy like other companies. The cigar is stored in a nice tin tube that helps maintain that bourbon barrel smell. With the cigar in the tube, I smelled wood soaked bourbon all the way. Out of the tube, the bourbon smell of the cigar was not as predominant, which makes sense, this isn’t a cigar that is drenched in bourbon to kill that rich tobacco taste. Make no mistake, this isn’t some cheaply made infused cigar.

From what I understand, the wrapper is maintained in a charred bourbon barrel for five months after going through a six-year aging process. The wrapper and binder is a dark brown American broadleaf. The filler is Pennsylvania Madoro, American broadleaf, barrel-aged corojo. This specific cigar is part of the Camacho Master Built Series.

The taste of the cigar lingered on my lips and the front of my tongue throughout most of my smoke. I got the taste of bourbon, oak, and smoke, but it was slight, and not overpowering. The overall taste of the cigar is complex and steady. The draw is second to none, nice and smooth.

This was a very enjoyable smoke and may be one of my top ten going forward. Consume. Review. Repeat. gives the Camacho American Bourbon Barrel Aged Cigar a 9 out of 10.

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