Dunkin Donuts Macchiato


I was over Dunkin Donuts. How many times can I possibly order a coffee with whole milk and caramel? How many times can I possibly order an iced coffee with whole milk and caramel? None of the other drinks appeal to me. None of the other flavors appeal to me. I’ve seem too many people sipping on their Dunkin with mocha crusted in the corners of their mouth to go that route.

In an act of Dunkin Donuts defiance, I explored my home brewing options. Yeah. I sprung for the $17 to get the Takeya Cold Brew pot. Thirsty for coffee at home? Grind up some beans and a mere eight to twelve hours later, you’re good to go. Except that what you get is coffee concentrate that needs to be mixed and diluted or you will be seeing through time and smelling colors with the amounts of caffeine surging to the brain. Let’s call that a work in progress.

The defiance continued with a Bodem French Press. I’ve always trusted the French. Hairy pits, indifference to showering, stinky cheese, and mayonnaise on Le Royal with Cheese, these people have it figured out. It’s good. It’s fresh. It’s kind of a lot of work to grind, heat the water, wait four minutes, but for another $17 from Target. It works. It works for now, at least.

Since I’m totally done with Dunkin and having no interest to go back to my old ways, I regularly check my DD app to scope out any noteworthy coupons. Low and behold, to what do my wondering eyes should appear? A free beverage coupon! On a Monday?!? Dunkin Donuts, you beautiful bastards you sucked me back in like I was coffee through an orange straw. I needed something new. This was a fresh start; a second chance at a life with higher caffeination levels than previously imagined.

Hello Macchiato. For you uncultured ignoramuses out there, Macchiato comes from the German word meaning “the left hind hoof of a three-legged goat.” On second thought, don’t quote me on that. You’ll have to look it up. Based on the taste, I’d say it’s an espresso-containing beverage with some amount of steamed milk and, in my case, caramel. I can’t help it, that Dunkin caramel is good. Just pump it into my veins and let the brown goddess provide my sustenance.

Macchiatos are layered beverages meaning that they won’t have the same taste all the way through unless you stir yours up considerably. I left mine alone and was quite pleased with the results. The first gulps were heavy with espresso while the subsequent sips added in the milk and caramel flavors. The drink become more pleasing as I drank making the inverted position of my cup a sad state. Have you tried a macchiato from Dunkin Donuts yet? I’d advise it.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives the Dunkin Donuts Macchiato 8.8 caramel pumps out of 10.

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