Labatt Canadian Style Wheat Ale

Forgive my spelling, punctuation, grammar and cApitAlization. I am three beers into my Labatt Prohibition Series Canadian Style Wheat Ale. So far, so good.

To set the record straight off the bat, beer is … well… kinda gross. From college keg parties serving watered down, overly strong foam to microbrews at fancy restaurants, beer sucks. Of course, I’m in the minority here since people love beer. All kinds of people love beer. I am not one of these people.

Like anyone else, though, I love escaping reality. Why be here when you can be somewhere else altogether? That’s a rhetorical question, of course. But I do like to try new beers in my quest to find one that’s tolerable. Plus, I read that hops are a natural muscle relaxant, so beer is my holistic healing.

Cruising through the pretty extensive 6-pack selection at Mel’s Pizzeria in Kittanning, I discovered this unassuming 3 by 3 packaged meekly and filled with 12 oz. stout bottles. I’m not in the loop of new products, so the Labatt’s was completely novel to me. I like the idea of wheat ales since Blue Moon is one of my favorites.

Coming home, I had a busy Friday afternoon filled with two naps before heading out to cut the grass. Upon my 8:25 pm arrival inside, I knew that it was time to crack one open. As mentioned, the packaging was bare without a lot of information regarding the ingredients or the point of the product line at all. It looks cool, and the marketing worked because I bought it.

IMG_2324 IMG_2327

After twisting off the cap, I smelled the distinct fragrance of Labatt Blue. I don’t know how to describe it, but it is everything that Blue is. I had no idea what to expect from the first sip. To my delight, I was pleasantly surprised. This Canadian Wheat Ale tasted a lot like the Belgium Wheat Ale that I enjoy so much as Blue Moon. There was one difference, though.

Labatt’s has zero hints of orange or any citrus flavor for that matter. It only tastes like a mild, easy drinker. Brewed clean and pure without trying to be what it is not. Something surprising was the aftertaste. Rather than any residue, this beer seems to disappear off my tongue leaving no taste at all. It was a strange experience, but something that appealed to me.

When you pair Labatt Canadian Style Wheat Ale with a super-delicious, frozen California Pizza Kitchen Pizza you’ve got a solid night. Add a Pirate game and declarations of your undying love towards your wife, you’ve got yourself a really solid Friday night.

Would I make Labatt Prohibition Series my go-to beverage of choice? No. But it is worth a try for people looking for something new.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives Labatt Canadian Style Wheat Ale 7 orange wedges out of 10.

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