Lay’s New York Reuben Potato Chips

I consider myself a potato chip connoisseur. When I go to a restaurant that offers chips or fries as a side, I always choose chips. There is nothing better than a light, crispy chip that is packed with flavor. I don’t mind chips that are seasoned, but as of late, the seasoned chips I’ve tried have been a bit too much. They were jacked with so much seasoning that I felt like I was biting into a brick of flavored salt, instead of a potato chip.

When I heard that Lay’s was coming out with some new flavors I was skeptical. I like my traditional go-to flavors like BBQ, salt & vinegar, and so on. Would I really enjoy a New York Style Rueben Sandwich chip? The answer is yes, and YES. I couldn’t believe how good these chips turned out. To my amazement, the seasoning was spot on. The seasoning didn’t overpower the taste of the chip and, as crazy as it sounds, I felt like I was eating a Rueben with a side of plain potato chips. Seriously, they are that good.

The seasoning is not overpowering, the chips are light and crisp, and you don’t get a weird aftertaste. My only complaint is that the bags seem smaller than normal. Lay’s, if you are reading this, I want a family size bag of these on the shelves STAT.

A Rueben sandwich is a complexity of flavors, and Lays nailed it. BING. BANG. BOOM. These chips are an excellent. Do yourself a favor and get a bag of these as soon as you can. Consume. Review. Repeat. gives Lay’s New York Style Rueben Sandwich chips a 10 out of 10 deli sandwiches.

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