Aukey Bluetooth Receiver

LeBron rocks Beats. Russel Wilson is a Bose man. Ludacris throws ‘bows while wearing Souls. I can’t dunk. I can’t throw an interception from the 1 yd line in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl to blow the game, and I can’t act in Fast and Furious while repping Hotlanta. And even though I can, I am not interested in paying hundreds of dollars for bluetooth headphones.

You CRR fans will note that I have my ME Electronics Air-Fis and I love them, but their on-the-ear design does not work for running.

Me? I rock Aukeys. Well, technically I wear super lightweight Sony running headphones when I’m out on the open roads of western PA, but my Aukey bluetooth receiver makes the miles fly by.

The design is ingeniously simple. All of the hardware that has to be distributed somewhere in other bluetooth headphones is condensed into a small box that weighs next to nothing. You plug in any pair of wired headphones and they become bluetooth compatible. My iPhone 6s immediately recognized the connection, and I was streaming Slacker Radio to the Aukey box within seconds.


Do I really need wireless headphones while running? Yes! Mostly because the Apple Watch that I do not currently have can send tunes directly from wrist to the Aukey. No phone on the running trips is a dream come true.

Oh did I mention the Aukey is $10 on For that price, it was worth the risk. It does everything I want and everything it promises. It can work in a number of applications like cars with an aux input or making any speaker bluetooth. I can’t vouch for the life of the rechargeable battery, so time will be a factor.

Do yourself a favor and check out the Aukey. Even if you cannot think of one use, things will change once it arrives to the mailbox. It is a product you didnt know you needed.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives the Aukey Bluetooth Receiver 8.8 Bose Beats out of 10.